Image Credits: McKenna Bleu

It Girls. We stalk their Instagrams, we follow their every move on social media, and we dream to be just like them. As difficult as it is to wrap our heads around, these it girls weren’t always IT girls. They were once struggling young adults. They too were once trying to make their mark on this crazy world, just like all of us. These women, are not superhuman.  Here are 10 habits of successful IT girls. 

  1. If you want to achieve great things, you have to do what other people are not willing – or are too afraid to do. No matter the situation, failure will always be an option – don’t be scared of that. Failure, likes taxes and death, is inevitable. Growth comes from picking yourself up after each failure, learning to bounce back, and not accepting no for an answer. The most influential women in the world are no strangers to failure, and many actually think their biggest failures are what lead them to their biggest success.

  2. You have to be ready to put in the extra hours, extra research, and extra time that it takes to be the great individual you set to be. 

  3. When it comes to work, career, and lifestyle, everyone needs a little advice. It is important to seek an organic mentor. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a mentor is an experienced and trusted adviser.  Seeking someone who inspires you is crucial to becoming a successful it girl.

  4. Fueling your fire and setting your standards high are a must. This is just self explanatory. Always keep your standards for excellence high.  

  5. Find someone you admire, trust, respect, and who you would love to emulate one day. The best mentoring happens without ever being categorized as “mentoring.” The most successful IT girls had their share of mentors who reminded them to embrace risk, and constantly search for organic mentors and inspiration.

  6. Finding your own role models is a crucial habit of IT girls. Ask any successful it girl and they will tell you that they searched for a role model.  They followed in their footsteps in their own way. The key to true growth and success is to never stop learning or challenging yourself to be better. 

  7. Listen to those around you, especially your elders, listen and collect an abundance of life experiences, which you can use to tailor your own.  

  8. Continue to pursue, and always surround yourself with great, genuine people who you admire and enjoy.

  9. Be well prepared, strategic, goal driven, and motivated.

  10. Stay positive.

Cecelia M