The world is increasingly dominated by social media. If you’re a young writer, artist, content producer, or business woman, you are no doubt reliant on social media to get your message out. Even everyday people use social media to spread messages they care about and make connections in our increasingly connected world. While it is not the end all be all of the world, social media is a major part of many people’s lives. If you’re trying to spread a message, you want to have a lot of followers to reach. The internet is teeming with articles about increasing your social media, branding yourself on every platform, how to pick the perfect avatar image, et cetera. We want to make it simple for you. Here are eleven easy ways to increase your social media following that don’t require a Master’s Degree in communications or a social media manager.

1) Find your niche

Any good social media account knows its audience and creates content best suited for that audience. So should you. Finding your niche on any given social media platform is crucial to making a name for yourself in that niche and among the audience you are trying to reach. It’s up to you to decide what your niche will be. Do you want to be known for your conservatism, women empowerment, Constitutional quips or funny memes? Tailor your accounts to reflect the niche you want to fit in and the followers will come.

2) Tweet things people won’t be ashamed to retweet

Too many times I am scrolling through Twitter, see a funny or relatable tweet and laugh out loud, but cannot retweet it because of either the expletives used in the tweet or the graphic nature of the avatar or handle of the creator. Many people have Twitter accounts that can easily be found by bosses and family members. They will be hesitant to retweet content or images that are obscene, contain curse words, or are in any way pornographic. If you want to maximize your follower potential and not fall into one of the aforementioned niches, think about what is likely be be “sharable” to the general public.

3) Follow trains

I know this seems middle school, but follow trains can actually help your fledgling account start to grow. Don’t count on retweeting a tweet and following all of the other accounts that have retweeted that tweet to give you thousands of followers over night, but it can be a start. If you ever feel like you’ve plateaued on followers, look for follow trains of accounts similar to yours or that fit into your chosen niche.

4) Interact with people

Ask questions in your tweets. Ask for advice and recommendations. Respond to other people’s tweets doing the same. Sure, you can get away with just tweeting witty things and be successful, but what is the fun in that? Also, that takes a lot of wit. Interact with like-minded individuals. You’ll earn yourself some loyal followers.

5) Publish your own content

While not everyone is a brilliant writer or artist, creating your own content that only you could create and sharing it across your social media accounts is a great way to get your name out there. Anyone can share an Associated Press article, but if you write a great, pithy article about something, share it. If people like it, they will share it. By doing that, you have increased your brand reach. This goes hand in hand with finding your niche.

6) Follow other’s followers

This sounds a little odd, but hear me out. I’ve gotten a ton of followers by following the followers of prominent conservatives. Their followers, the normal everyday people of America, clearly like conservative accounts. Since that is a lot of what I tweet about, it’s a perfect fit. You can adapt this to any niche. Those people will return the follow and help you grow your reach.

7) Dog pictures

Again, this might be a little unconventional, but it works. Dogs are taking over the Internet, and probably the world eventually. Sharing a cute picture of a dog is a great way to attract attention. People love to retweet a good dog meme or puppy pic. Whether it is your dog, a dog you spot on the street, or a classic dog meme, you can’t do wrong. Hopefully the cat community catches up soon.

8) Use trending hashtags

There is a reason that these are shared with the world on a special page. Whether you’re tweeting along with #TheBachelor or offering #MondayMotivation, you those trending hashtags. They are great tools for you to grow your reach and make new acquaintances. Even if the message you want to share seems off topic, I bet you can find a way to tie it to the trending hashtags of the day.

9) Advertise Across Platforms

Just because you prefer Twitter to Facebook or Instagram or the other way around does not mean you shouldn’t cross share your content and your pages. Share a cute shot of your Twitter profile on Instagram and tell people to give you a follow there if they like your photos. Share a screenshot of your popular tweet on Facebook with a link to your account. The possibilities are nearly endless. Don’t confine yourself and your brand to one platform.

10) Don’t just retweet news articles

When major news breaks, everyone is talking about it on social media, and they love to find news articles about it to share with their own circles. However, too many people see a basic Fox News or CNN tweet, including a link to an article, and retweet it. Instead, add a comment of your own by “quote tweeting” or go to the page and share it directly. The original author will benefit from those shares. Your current followers will retweet you instead of simply your retweet of another source. Try it next time some major news breaks.

11) Be Online Regularly

I will never encourage anyone to devote their life to curating their Twitter account unless they’re being paid nicely to do so, but at the same time, you can’t neglect an account you’re trying to grow. No one’s asking you to tweet every thirty seconds, but regularly posting and checking in with your followers will ensure continual growth and reach. Use planning apps like HootSuite to plan your content ahead of time if you know you won’t be able to post regularly at any given time.

Aryssa D
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Aryssa is a student at Yale University, where she enjoys worshiping the patriarchy, making sandwiches, and finding a husband. She loves wearing her FFL gear and documenting the horrific expressions that ensue for her scrapbook. When she is not being "oppressed" by the patriarchy, she enjoys Lilly Pulitzer and classic novels.

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