Image Credits: Christina Winkelmann

If you’re balling on a budget like myself, but still want to do something special for a loved one this Valentine’s Day, it can be frustrating to find a way to show him (or her) how much you care without draining your bank account in the process. Luckily, there are oodles of activities you can plan that will say “I love you” free of charge.

1) Take a walk down memory lane

Take your significant other back to the place you first met, or where you shared some other special memory together. While there, you can talk about how much time has gone by between then and now, and reflect on how much the two of you have grown and changed since then.

2) Pick your own flowers

Rather than spending an obscene amount of money on store-bought flowers, give your loved one a hand-picked bouquet of wild flowers. Not only will they look and smell divine, your feelings for this person will be made evident through the effort you went through to make the bouquet yourself.

3) Go to a free art museum together

You’d be surprised how many local museums and exhibits do not charge for entry. Do some research and make a day of it.

4) Express your appreciation

In a world that is so overrun with technology, face-to-face communication has become more precious and special than it has ever been before. By snuggling up with your loved one and gushing to him about why you love him, you will create an unbelievably personal and romantic Valentine’s Day for the books.

5) Clean out his car

I know very few people on this planet that truly enjoy cleaning. Granted, they do exist, but they are few and far between. Unless your loved one is part of this rare breed, clean out his car and he is guaranteed to appreciate it.

6) Write a love note

It can be intimidating trying to verbalize all your feelings for someone right in front of him. Lucky for you, handwritten words carry sentimental value all the same. Write about the first time you met, all the fun times you’ve shared together, how you feel when you’re together. He will love it and likely keep it for a lifetime.

7) Go for a hike together

If you are a more active couple and are looking for an activity outdoors that you can do together, check out your local walking trails or national parks.

8) Give him a massage

If your sweetheart gets stressed out often or could just use a little pampering, giving him a massage is a great way to express your love and support.

9) Frame a picture of the two of you

Any gift that acts as a tangible representation of a relationship is a great one. You can use a frame you already have and ask a friend take some cute candid shots of the two of you to keep this gift free of charge. If you want to splurge a little, though, you can find inexpensive frames at places like Walmart or HomeGoods.

10) Play a game together

Spending quality time together is priceless, and if you can engage in a little friendly competition at the same time, you will have that much more fun together. You can pick a childhood classic that you know he loves, or try something totally new!

11) Write a song

If you are musically inclined, you have been given an awesome power that can be used to make someone’s day for no money. Write about all the things that you love about your significant other. It can be goofy or serious, whatever fits your personality.

12) Do a chore that your loved one absolutely hates

What is something he absolutely hates doing? It could be laundry, cooking, or cleaning to name a few. Whatever it is, find out and do that for him.

13) Make him something

Handmade presents are the absolute best. They show just how much you care because you took the time to make something yourself! You could paint him a portrait, draw a picture of the two of you, or try your hand at jewelry making.

14) Say “I love you”

Although this may seem obvious, you should never underestimate how much these three words can mean. Sometimes people forget to say “I love you” because they assume their significant other knows how they feel, but it acts as a reassurance of your feelings and should never be overlooked.

Miranda C