Image Credits: Kendra Clark

As we reflect on 2018, a lot of people are looking at what went wrong, politically, personally, perhaps even environmentally or in the way humans interacted with each other. To be sure, some terrible things happened in 2018 on a global level, in the United States, and perhaps even in your own life. But 2018 cannot be written off entirely, resigned to be known as a year of suck, where nothing good happened,no warmth was to be found, and now we must move on to 2019 and hope it gets better. I hope these eighteen news stories show you that 2018 wasn’t all bad after all.

1) Fiona the Hippo, born premature at just 29 pounds, now tips the scale at over 1000 pounds. 

2) A Dad scheduled six flights over the Christmas holiday so he could be with his daughter working as a flight attendant. 

3) In a big win for endangered species, Nepal has doubled it’s tiger population

4) When a family returned from fleeing the Camp Fire in California, they discovered their beloved dog, who they thought was lost, waiting for them in the rubble of their home. 

5) The World Health Organization certified that Paraguay is Malaria free. Paraguay is the first country to get this declaration since Cuba in the 1970s. 

6) A new study found that the rates of female genital mutilation in Africa have dropped 71% in the past twenty years. 

7) Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos donating $10 million to a super PAC dedicated to electing veterans. 

8) This 2-year-old learned to shoot baskets one-handed without looking so he could keep watching TV while practicing

9) Following the death of President George HW Bush, his service dog, Sully, has raised awareness for the work of the VetDogs program. Sully will begin serving veterans at Walter Reed Veteran Hospital in 2019. 

10)A golden retriever saved his own from a rattlesnake bite and won the Internet’s heart with his swollen face. 

11) Meghan Markle and Prince Harry got married and the world was fascinated by the sermon from their minister, Michael Curry, who said “there is power in love.” 

12) A couple who met when they were both cancer patients at St. Jude’s got married at the very hospital that saved their lives. 

13) A team of young soccer players were rescued from a cave after 18 days as the world watched and prayed for them. They later honored the Navy SEAL who lost his life trying to save them. 

14) A group of service dogs in training took an absolutely adorable trip to Disneyland

15) Lucas, the 2018 Gerber Baby, has Down syndrome and everyone is obsessed with him.

16) Dolly Parton’s charity, Imagination Library, donated it’s one millionth book to help promote child literacy. 

17) A bus driver in Dallas, Texas bought every single kid on his route a Christmas gift

18) James Shaw Jr, the hero who disarmed a shooter at a Waffle House, went on to raise over $200k for the victims of the attack, and was honored as Tennessee’s Person of the Year. 

These are just some of the good news stories we saw in 2018, but no doubt 2019 will bring more. With a toxic 24/7 news cycle dominating so much of our mental space, don’t forget to look for the good news every day.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member