1. Self love

Find ways to fall in love with yourself, whether that be through positive change or by pointing out in the mirror each morning one thing you love about yourself.

  1. Don’t use social media with friends/family around

Easiest and the hardest to make a habit, but when you’re with your with your family and friends, put the phone away! My easiest tip for this is to gather everyone’s phones and put them face down in the center of the table or wherever you are. Spend time in the now instead of on a screen.

  1. Make meaningful connections

This goes back to #2, but when you meet someone give them your full attention. Look them in the eye, and try to remember one fact about them along with their name. This is a simple way to show you are paying attention and caring about them and giving them your ear.

  1. Update your resume more often

This is something I have such a hard time doing. I wait to update my resume until I need it, and then I forget all of the accomplishments I’ve done and events I have been to. Update your resume after everything you do so you don’t forget them.

  1. Bring business cards everywhere

In politics, if you don’t have your business card, you might lose out on a great connection. This has happened to me twice and ever since, I make sure I have at least 10 in my wallet and in my purse.

  1. Let toxic people go

Those people that drag you down and only bring negativity in your life? Leave them in 2018.

  1. Eat three healthy meals a day

Make time in your schedule so you can eat three balanced meals a day, not only will you feel healthier but you’ll be more energized.

  1. Wake up and get out of bed

When your alarm goes off, get out of bed. Go accomplish something!

  1. Use a planner

My planner is my life saver. If you’re like me an super forgetful, then get a planner. Everything I need to know is in that book, and it keeps you on tracks and ready to succeed.

  1. Do community service

Give back to your local community, not for your benefit, but for theirs. Make solid connections and make an impact in your community.

  1. Call your parents more often

Try to call your mom and dad once a week and let them know how you’re doing and check in on them.

  1. Stay positive

In 2019, don’t let negativity ruin your day. Keep a positive outlook on life and things will look less gloomy.

  1. Write down one thing a day that you’re grateful for

This is something I started in 2018, and it really helped me see my life in a whole new perspective. Starting a gratefulness journal really can improve your outlook and positivity in your day to day life.

  1. Save your change

Every $5 you receive as change, save it. You don’t realize how quickly it adds up. At the end of the year, you’ll have a savings box that you can use for Christmas or when it’s needed.

  1. Work out three times a week

Along with eating healthy, taking time to stay fit and workout will really help your energy, happiness, and stress. Working out has been shown to dramatically increase your positivity along with making you feel great.

  1. Have nights to yourself

Have some alone nights. Pour a glass of wine, bring out the good cheese, and watch a movie! Sometimes you just need some nights alone.

  1. Treat yourself

Don’t be too harsh on yourself. Sometimes a girl has to treat herself to a new pair of shoes or a new book. This is not a bad thing. Give yourself some room to breathe.

  1. Be kind

I cannot stress this enough. With all of the hatred we see in the world and online, be kind to everyone including yourself.

  1. Donate what you don’t use

Every three months, I donate clothes I don’t wear. How I do this is I turn my hanger the other direction if I have worn something after I do my laundry. The clothes that are still hanging the right direction, I donate to my local women’s shelter, Goodwill, or to friends that want it.

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Megan S