Image Credits: MaKenna Alyse

Dating can be hard, and even more so when you’re a conservative woman in the 21st Century. Finding someone who is supportive of your views and involvement in politics is hard. It is so much more than just swiping right on Tinder for us, and so much more than just looks. Substance matters when you’re looking for a special someone.

So, here are 20 questions that are more than capable of helping you determine whether he is the right match for you:

  1. How close are you to your family?

  2. If I asked your mother what your greatest attribute was, what would she say?

  3. Do you most relate to Tom Haverford or Ron Swanson?

  4. Are you fiscally conservative with your finances?

  5. What goals do you have set for the next five years of your life?

  6. Do you prefer, Ben Shapiro or Milo Yiannopoulos?

  7. What are you most passionate about?

  8. Are you an optimist or a realist?

  9. Do you believe too much government regulation is killing the free market?

  10. Where are you most at peace with yourself?

  11. As a politico, what national issue do you feel holds most importance?

  12. If you were president-elect today what would your cabinet look like? Supreme Court Justice pick?

  13. On lazy days, do you tend to gravitate towards C-SPAN or ESPN?

  14. Who are your ideal GOP Presidential Candidates for 2020?

  15. What is your major?

  16. Which politician do you aspire to be more like?

  17. Is income tax theft? Is all taxation theft?

  18. Are you deeply rooted in your faith? 

  19. What are you most passionate about?

  20. Are you easily intimidated by an independent woman?

    Heather S