Holiday travel can be really stressful. The weather is often bad, everyone is in a hurry, delays and breakdowns are bound to happen, and you just want to be with your family. I always dreaded holiday travel, especially during college, because I knew that taking planes, trains and automobiles to get home was going to wear me out and waste my time. But then, I discovered I could be strangely productive when traveling, especially by train and plane, if I just put my mind to it. So, if you’re like me and going to be traveling quite a bit this holiday season, consider these 20 ways to be productive and prepare yourself for a great 2019, which is just around the corner.

1) Drink a ton of water: stay hydrated while traveling and get your metabolism boosted for the holiday feasts

2)  Listen to an uplifting or go-getting audiobook: I recommend anything by Gretchen Rubin or the new Michelle Obama memoir

3) Clean out your wallet and purse: you probably don’t need all those receipts or that crumbling mint

4) If you’re in school, outline your syllabi to plan for major tests and essays or make sure your textbooks are ordered

5) Clean out your email inbox and sort into folders

6) Order your 2019 agenda so it’ll arrive in time for the New Year

7) Update and revamp your resume

8)  Call someone you haven’t talked to in awhile – a grandparent, teacher, or friend

9) Sort your iTunes library and delete songs you’re tired of listening to

10) Hand write a letter to someone you love: a significant other or close friend

11) Evaluate your last New Year’s Resolutions and plan for 2019’s resolutions

12)  Read 5 FFL articles: learn about politics, history, or how to life a more productive life!

13) Watch a Ted Talk by someone you admire: there are so many to choose from

14) Update your LinkedIn profile: even if you’re not looking for a job

15) Prepare your holiday thank you notes: address them in advance so you will actually send them!

16) Read that book that has been on your TBR pile for too long or pick up a new book at a nearby store

17) Binge an entire podcast people have been talking about: podcast like Serial, S-Town, Broadway Backstory, or Ladies, First.

18) Find a side hustle for the New Year: freelance writing is great. Spend some travel time searching for openings.

19) Make a grocery list: Get back to eating healthy when the holidays are over

20) Re-evaluate your budget and see where you can cut costs: holidays are expensive and remind you of where you can and can’t save money

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member