Whether it is in work, relationships, or any area of your life, recognizing the value you bring to the table is crucial to your future success. When you know your worth, you are able to walk away from that which doesn’t serve as a conduit to your future and the goals you have. Following an event where I had to blatantly decided what my self-worth is and what I was willing to tolerate, I have learned a few important life lessons.

Say no

At this point in our lives, we all want to build networks, gain experience, and still have fun. While it is easier said than done, learning to say no can to the wrong opportunities will allow you to say yes to the right ones in the future.

It also sets a boundary for yourself of what you are willing to do and what you are willing to devote of your personal resources, which include your time and energy. This will also prevent you from ending up in situations where it causes more drama or damage than good.

Learning to walk away

For those opportunities that we do say yes to, there can sometimes be a point where you have to walk away from it because of various circumstances or events. It could be a change of heart, not feeling like you are valued as a member of the team, or because of an incident.

It won’t be an easy decision, but you have to remember you should be a part of teams and organizations that value you as a person and the work you do. You also deserve to be work without added stress, worry, or even harassment. While everyone makes mistakes, there are times where one incident is reason enough to walk away. Trust your gut. Trust God. Never doubt what you know if best for you, regardless of who questions your decisions.

Define your worth on YOUR terms

This one is hard because for a lot of women, thinking of yourself is not an easy feat. When it comes to defining your worth and your boundaries, you have to put yourself and what you want in life first.

Do you want to be valued at the work place financially? Speak up and talk to your boss. Do you want more boundaries with peers when it comes to work and projects? Set limits and be adamant to them. When you see value and worth in yourself, so do others. They will see the intelligent, beautiful, and capable woman you are. Stop letting others define you and define yourself and your worth on your terms.

I urge you to take time to look at your life. Find out where you can advocate for your value more, where you can set boundaries, or even something you can walk away from. Your talents and abilities will flourish in the right places . Those are easy to find when you start advocating for yourself in all areas of life.

“Know who you are. Know what you are worth. Know what you deserve. And don’t settle for less.” – Tony Gaskins

Bailey L
Bailey is a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison who enjoys writing, traveling, and coffee. When she isn't working, you can find her with her nose in a book or planning her next adventure.

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