Image Credits: AP Photo, KYNDELL HARKNESS, Reuters, Manuel Balce Ceneta

This past election has been one like never before.  So much of Hillary Clinton’s support came from people wanting to empower a woman to reach the Oval Office. I am in absolute support of a woman becoming president soon – but not because she is a woman.  I’ll support a woman for president because she has sound policies and would be the right one for the job. Unfortunately, many only supported Hillary Clinton because of her gender. Through all of this, liberals seemingly paid no attention to the other women who made strides in the political arena. For some of these women, society did not care simply because they are Republicans. For others, they were overlooked because their offices are not the ones the media are obsessed with. Regardless, these amazing, winning women in the 2016 election definitely deserve recognition.

1) Kellyanne Conway


Conway is the first woman ever to successfully run a presidential campaign. She was tapped for campaign manager in August, after showing promise in her contributions to the Trump campaign as a strategist. In addition to that major recent development in her career, she is also president and CEO of the Polling Company Inc. and was just named White House counselor by President-elect Trump this week.

2) Ilhan Omar (D-MN)


Ilhan Omar was just elected as a legislator in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Her story is one of incredible triumph. She was born in Somalia, but had to flee to the refugee camp in Kenya with her family for four years. She is the first Somali-American legislator in the United States.

3) Tammy Duckworth (D-IL)


This incredible woman just won a Senate election in Illinois, and is also a veteran. She lost both of her legs in the Iraq war when her helicopter was shot down. Her story inspires many – across party lines, as she fought and sacrificed for her country and continues to have a passion to serve it, albeit in a different way.

4) Martha Roby (R-AL)


Martha Roby just won reelection in the United States House of Representatives, but her major accomplishment was in 2011, when she first assumed office. She was elected and became the first woman to win a regular congressional race in Alabama.  

5) Kamala Harris (D-CA)


In 2000, she was named in the top 100 lawyers in California. Harris was just elected to the United States Senate, and is the first Indian-American elected to serve in the Senate and California’s first African American senator. 

Women made a considerable impact in the 2016 election cycle. It is encouraging to see so many women across the nation, regardless of background or ideology, make waves in American politics and continue to leave their marks on history.