As women, we are, more often that not, smaller than the average man and if you’re like me, much less strong in the conventional ways. I’m certainly not alone in that, and there’s a reason that more and more women are getting into self defense. Of course, self defense can take many different forms. In the conservative movement, there’s a strong pro-second amendment groups working to help arm women so they can better defend themselves and their families. Other women choose to take self defense classes offered by local police departments and martial arts studios. There’s also a plethora of items out there designed specifically to help women defend themselves. That’s what we’re going to be looking at today. No matter what makes you comfortable, hopefully you’ll find something just right for you on this list. While no item is 100% effective, these items may help you feel safer going about your daily life.

A gun you can conceal carry

May women exercise their right to bear arms on a daily basis and conceal carry a weapon to defend themselves, their family, and those around them. A handgun is an investment that costs a bit more than the rest of the items on this list. It requires training and certification, but it’s your constitutional right for a reason. Be sure to test many different guns at the range so you can figure out which gun is best for you and your situation and attend the proper courses so you feel comfortable with the weapon at all times.

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Pepper spray or mace

Pepper spray and mace were items our parents always bought us for our key chains when we went off to college, but they can make a difference out in the real world too. If you aren’t able or willing to carry a gun, this may be the answer for you. It’s a cheaper option and you can take it pretty much anywhere you go. Having it on your key chain allows you to have easy access to for any situation that may arise. As you can imagine, it’s not a guaranteed protection method but it’s a good step towards self defense.

A cat-inspired protection keychain

Remember the old adage to walk to your car with your keys between your fingers? This cat-inspired keychain takes that to the next level. It’s a keychain that provides a similar weapon to your keys and can do some serious damage when you make impact. It’s also something of a multi-purpose tool so you can open your bottles before you fight off an attacker, if that’s your cup of tea.

A stun gun or taser

If a real gun isn’t right for you but you want something a little more threatening than a key chain, consider a stun gun. There are some limitations on them, perhaps even on your college campus, but they could be right for you. They work well as a deterrent by incapacitating your attacker and hopefully allowing you to get away or get help. Some people have even had success just releasing the stunning effect into the air as a way of deterring an attack to begin with.

A personal safety alarm

If you’re not comfortable carry a conventional weapon but want to have some safety measure on you for self defense reasons, consider a personal safety alarm. These can take many forms, including apps and necklaces and buttons. This alarm uses a rip cord method and produces a loud alarm for up to an hour, likely scaring away an attacker or bringing help quickly. Most personal alarms can be kept on your body or in your bag and easily accessed if you feel unsafe at any time.

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