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Any girl in politics has a favorite politician. Some love Marco Rubio, some are obsessed with Paul Ryan, and others with Rand Paul. Whoever your favorite is, at one point or another someone has bashed them. Let’s face it, politics is a dirty business and mean things are said very often. Whether it be personal attacks or criticism of your favorite’s stances, we hurt as much as they do when these jabs are expressed. They become personal to us. My favorite politician is Marco Rubio, with Paul Ryan a really close second. These two men have the brains and align with my beliefs best. Throughout this piece, I will use Marco Rubio in my examples. Here are five feelings you have when someone bashes your favorite politician.

1) Anger

I know I am not the only one out there with a little bit of a temper. The first feeling I have when people bash my political love is anger. I cannot lie, I will think some really rude things at this point. Oftentimes I am preparing a whole speech about why these people are wrong and why Marco is an amazing man, Senator, and would have made an incredible president. Plus, I am wanting to add in that they need to be more educated on the man that they are throwing shade at.


2) Defensive

A girl involved in politics always has something to say. We will defend our religion, our beliefs, our party, and our favorite candidates until our dying breath. I can pull out so many videos, articles, and facts in less than ten seconds to defend Marco. I feel like we all have a favorite video, quote, fact, or article to go to when people are saying rude things about our favorites. No lawyer has anything on me when it comes to defending my favorite political candidate. I can argue and defend him as long as as a person can stand. So all I can say is if people bash my candidate, they better be ready.


3) Revengeful

When someone bashed Marco during the primaries, I was very hasty to get back at him or her by slamming against that person’s candidate. I do not condone this, but I think we all feel this way whether we want to admit it or not. I always wanted to make the rude people who bashed Marco feel my pain. I wanted to take them down a few notches by stooping down to their level and saying rude things about their candidates. I recommend you just keep your thoughts about how terrible their candidates are to yourself and move on.


4) Sad

Us political girls take everything rude said about our candidate personally. It hurts us to hear a person who we admire be hatefully bashed. Since becoming involved in politics, I have developed thick skin, and thus words do not hurt as much anymore. I remember when I first got involved in politics, though, every time I read something negative about Marco I was upset about how disrespectful some people could be.


5) In love…again

After you have cooled down, you now have a greater appreciation for your favorite politican. You have explored all the reasons you love him or her once again and you have a deeper appreciation for all the amazing things this person has done. At the end of the day, your love for your political crush has not faltered, but grown. You realize that the beauty of this country is that people can have their opinions and you can have your own. I took a lot of heat throughout primaries and still to this day for being a Rubio supporter, but I still proudly admit my admiration, respect, and support for him in all that he does.


Katlyn Batts
Katlyn is a southern belle who studies at Wingate University and loves Jesus and Marco Rubio. She will blow your mind with random history facts. You can find her listening to Frank Sinatra while leaving a red lipstick stain on her coffee cup.

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