The truth is, if you’re reading this article, you’re likely already well on your way to success. Even if you are already are a girl boss, by your own self-declaration or others tag you as such, any capable woman needs more coaching and support to stay the course toward pursuing your own ambitions in life.  

Check out these 5 habits to add to your daily routine that will help you slay each day:

  1. Even before getting out of bed, spend 20 minutes with your nose in a book.

One of the worst habits millennials have is reaching for our phones the instant we open our eyes. While checking the most important notifications should only take a few minutes, most of us run into problems after scrolling through Facebook for Instagram for 30+ minutes to start our day. It’s no coincidence that most successful CEOs and business executives read 4-5 books per month. The easiest way to continue your education beyond the classroom and graduation is to turn a few pages a day, soaking up thought-out information and analysis. If the morning doesn’t work for you, commit the time before the lights go out at night. I always feel significantly more refreshed and ready for the day after learning something new for myself, rather than watching the one-millionth Buzzfeed video on my feed. If an audiobook works better for you, while exercising or driving, this is a great way to engage in an engaging book as well.

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  1. Start each day with an Instagram-worthy breakfast.

It sounds cliché, but the most important meal of the day is, in fact, breakfast. We’ve heard this before, but for sure people who eat breakfast are 12.3% healthier throughout the day than those who don’t. Eating breakfast prevents low blood sugar levels later on in the day, which improves focus, attention to detail, and self-regulation in avoiding over-indulging later in the day. Don’t skip your morning meal, even if time is pressed, and don’t just replace it with coffee. If you want to maximize health and productivity, reach for a morning protein source and get out there.

  1. Exercise

Who doesn’t love feeling happy and energized? In the wise words of Elle Woods, Attorney-at-Law in Legally Blonde, “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins makes people happy!” Exercise does, in fact, produce endorphins, which give people feelings of joy and energy. Beyond the benefits of a healthy body, exercise is also the most effective way to improve one’s memory and attention. In fact, people who exercise regularly are 50% less likely to develop dementia. Make an effort to take a walk, enroll in a yoga class, or do some push-ups in your living room every day.

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  1. Hydrate

Did you know that when young people are even mildly dehydrated, they are significantly more likely to feel fatigued during exercise and even while sedentary? Further, dehydration is directly linked to putting stress on cognitive function, loss of concentration and short term memory, and increased anxiety. Make an investment in an adorable water bottle and keep it by your side all day.  

  1. Practice gratitude before you fall asleep.

Dennis Prager said it best. The key to happiness is gratitude. You can’t be a happy person if you aren’t grateful, and you can’t be a good person if you aren’t grateful. Challenge yourself to write down 5 things you were grateful for at the conclusion of each day, even if you feel like you can’t think of anything. There is always something to be grateful for. You’ll be happier tomorrow for thinking of it today.

Get out there and change the world. By adding these habits to your daily routine, you’re sure to be investing in yourself as a leader to give back to your community.

Isabel B
Isabel is a Contributor from the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado and is a proud CSU Ram. She dreams of one day being a surgeon-turned-US President, and you can often spot her around campus wearing FFL gear and scrubs. She loves all things pro-life, second amendment, and small government, and is also involved in Turning Point USA and PragerFORCE