As a commuter student myself, I’ve sometimes struggled with feeling as though I’m not making the most out of my college experience. Everyone around me is getting involved in the college experience, meeting new people, and having the classic college experience. I feel that I’m missing out on the hallmark aspects of living on campus. Here, I’ll outline several ways fellow commuter students can get active on campus with restrictive schedules, all while feeling more empowered & involved in their college community.

Attending club fairs & joining clubs

After I learned that most clubs only met about once every other week, I realized how simple it would be to carve out a little extra time to attend clubs that piqued my interest. Most schools have bi-semester club fairs to introduce new students to what the school offers. Even if you aren’t a new student, don’t feel like you can’t attend a club fair. Maybe tag along with a fellow commuter friend. See what clubs you’d like to join together so you don’t have to go solo.

Look for a campus commuter student organization

My school has a commuter student organization that allows commuter students to have more of a voice on campus. The organization is also connected to the broader student government organizations on campus to provide a collaborative environment between students. This is a great opportunity to make friends who are commuters and residents. Your commuter student organization may even hold elections for positions like President and VP.

Start up a student organization chapter 

If government and politics is one of your interests, consider starting up a student organization chapter. Not only would this be a great item to add to your resume, it’s a great way to get involved on campus, engage your fellow peers, and make friends who share similar ideas with you. Bonus: spreading conservatism throughout your campus.

Set aside extra time to devote to campus activities

My advice would be if your classes start later in the day and there’s an interesting event being held before class, try to get to campus a little early to ensure you can attend the event. If you would normally leave right after your classes end for the day, maybe stay a little while longer to attend a speaker presentation or campus gathering that’s held later in the day.

Move out of your comfort zone

Moving outside of your comfort zone to meet new people or engage in campus activities is part of the college experience. There are plenty of things I’ve missed out on that I now regret not being a part of. Get to know new people and get active in the campus environment.

It may feel difficult or overwhelming at first, but you got this. All it takes is a little effort, patience, and guts.

Alex L