This Women’s History Month, FFL celebrating women and continuing on our mission to empower and encourage young conservative women to live their best life and be confident in their political ideology. What makes a woman empowered is different from woman to woman.  We wanted to hear from our readers on what makes them empowered as conservative women.  Here are their responses. 

Courtesy of Ivy Wysong

Ivy Wysong, 20, Cardiff University

“Nothing empowers me more than seeing other women handle themselves with grace and poise in imperfect situations. Whether a woman is struggling to make it through the day or fighting for a place at the top, the strength and confidence it takes to keep her head high and unapologetically claim her space when she faces indignity and inconvenience is the same. Because of this, I’m just as often inspired by single mothers as I am by powerful businesswomen.”


Courtesy of Jennie Gibson

Jennie Gibson, 19, University at Buffalo

“Knowledge is one of the most empowering things of all. From a very young age I have always loved to explore things that I did not understand. Overcoming a challenge is such a gratifying and empowering feeling and knowledge is a major key to overcoming obstacles and achieving the utmost success. When I started becoming involved in politics, this knowledge became as important as ever. I always challenge myself to understand the other side of an argument and use it as a basis to reaffirm my own beliefs and values which in turn, makes me more self aware and ready to take on the next challenge.”


Courtesy of Krista Chavez

Krista Chavez, 21, American University

“Most importantly, my family and close friends empower me to be my best self. They encourage me to work hard, be present in the moment, and celebrate all parts of life. They lift me up when I feel like I’m dragging behind, and they keep me elevated when I find success. I always return the love. I also feel empowered when I am busy. I absolutely love to work, read, and write, so I try to keep myself as occupied as possible. When I successfully complete projects, help friends, organize things, or finish a workday, I know my worth. Further, I feel empowered by supporting others around me. When I see my mom, my best friend, and others smile, I feel like I am contributing goodness to the world.”

Courtesy of Jessica Field

Jessica Field, 20, Duquesne University

“I am empowered by knowing the sacrifices that American women made generations upon generations ago. Those women were true feminist heroes who truly knew what it was like to be oppressed, and they had the courage to stand up for themselves and fight for what was right. Those women empower me and inspire me to keep chasing my dreams every day.”


Courtesy of Makayla Richardson

Makayla Richardson, 16, Siegel High School

“It seems that there are an abundance of people, organizations, and places that empower me. Future Female Leaders has been a huge empowerment in my life – not just as a young activist, but as a person. I can not begin to explain the impact that these girls, and this organization have had on me. Caroline Craig and Danielle Butcher, among several others, have taught me that it is more than okay to passionately and fearlessly express your views.

Amanda Owens empowers me. She has shared with me the concept of never giving up, and working hard to make your dreams a reality. I wrote her a letter a while ago letting her know how much I loved FFL, and how I could not wait to vote! To my surprise, I received a letter in the mail back from her shortly after! I was touched by the sincerity, and kindness she showed me. I can honestly say that if it weren’t for Amanda being courageous enough to pursue her dreams, and providing me with this group of women at FFL, I would not be the girl I am today. Thank you to Future Female Leaders for empowering me, and so may other women.”

In a world that is not always friendly to conservative women, Future Female Leaders is happy to provide a network of confident and ambitious young women who are always ready to lift each other up. To all of our readers, thank you for being a part of that community. We couldn’t do it without you.

Danielle B
Danielle is a 20 year old political activist serving as FFL's Outreach Coordinator and OUTSET Magazine's Social Media Director. Danielle is a lipstick enthusiast, a Twitter addict, and enjoys coffee, capitalism, and proving people wrong.
Alexa A
Alexa is a managing editor of FFL. She is addicted to country music, online shopping, and politics. She is passionate about the young conservative movement and hopes to inspire other young women to get involved and change the world.