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Halloween celebrations will be in full swing this weekend.  If you are anything like me, you’re the queen of waiting until the last minute.  Maybe you still don’t have any idea what you should dress up as. Maybe you didn’t get the craft gene. Lastly, maybe you are a broke college student so you can’t splurge on an expensive costume for one night. Have no fear. I have asked around, I have researched, and I have a list of last minute DIY costumes that are fun, cheap and easy enough for even the worst crafter ever.

1)“A Fork in the Road.” Punny.  Easy.  Cheap.  Just grab a black shirt, some white or yellow duck tape, and a real or plastic fork.



2) This is a fan favorite. Grab a red tutu, white tank top, a black headband and some multi-colored pom-poms. Glue the pom-poms onto the white tank top and the black headband. Add an easy to make 25¢ sign to the red skirt so that everyone understands the costume perfectly.


3) This was my favorite DIY costume for this year! You can dress it up or keep it as simple as you would like! A simple and cheap version of this is to purchase and all white shirt, some yellow felt.  You can either purchase a pre-made devil kit OR you can grab a red headband, some red felt and pipe cleaners to make your own horns and tail!



4) This costume is for all of the literature lovers out there.  This Grapes of Wrath costume is so great. Spell out “By John Steinbeck” on a purple T-shirt with white adhesive letters, and safety pin blown-up purple balloons onto the shirt. Create a vine crown by hot-gluing fake vines together.


5) Wanna be a copycat? All you’ll need are cat ears, whiskers that you can draw yourself with eyeliner or a face paint pen, and a sheet of paper. Write “Control + C” on the paper, tape it to your outfit, and you’re a copycat.



6) Here’s a perfect Netflix costume idea. Barb from Stranger Things is universally beloved, and it’s a bonus that her signature look is a comfortable and easy DIY costume. Hit up Goodwill for your best Barb with your finest plaid tucked into high-waisted jeans, glasses, pinned-up hair, and a notebook.


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