Everyone and their brother writes a book these days, especially in the world of politics. You can always tell who is going to run for president because they publish a book leading up to their announcement, taking their tour stops right through Iowa and New Hampshire and up and down the coasts.  Every time I see a new politician’s book announcement, though, I can’t help but think about all the political, especially GOP, figures who haven’t written a book yet, and yes, I imagine what they will focus on, though most of them would probably pen a classic memoir or policy book. With that in mind, here are seven GOP figures that somehow haven’t written a book yet, but probably should.

Lindsay Graham

The senator from South Carolina made waves during the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearings and could definitely write an entire book on that debacle alone, but he has pretty extensive experience as a prosecutor as well as a legislator so I’d love to read a book about his life. If he somehow gets named the next attorney general, it may be a great way to foray his move into the national discussion.

Elise Stefanik

Until November 7th, Stefanik was the youngest woman ever elected to Congress, and certainly the youngest Republican. What was that like? I’m always fascinated by the struggles that female candidates face and would love to hear how she keeps her femininity in tact in such a male-dominated field and how she stays humble and grounded with her constituents and her husband.

Rick Scott

Scott beat incumbent Bill Nelson to become the next senator from Florida after a very tenacious recount, plus Scott just came off a tenure as a very successful governor. He’s got a lot of policy experience to talk about in a book, and should he ever run for national office, he’ll want to put out a book showing off his success in the executive and now legislative branches.

Mike Pence

How has the man who came out of nowhere to be VP not written a book yet? Maybe that’s in the cards, post-White House, or for his own presidential run. I’ve actually read two books about Pence by others, one by his daughter, so I know his story would be interesting. I’d also love to read his marriage and parenting advice since he has such a great family.

Susan Collins

The senior senator from Maine has been serving in the Senate since 1997, so she certainly has a lot of things to talk about! As a strong woman who has never tried to run for president or anything like that, she must be very committed to the legislative process. A book by her would be a real treasure for any aspiring lawmakers, especially on the right.

Brian Mast

After serving in the Army for over a decade, Mast was elected to represent Florida in the House of Representatives. A double-amputee who has been in the VA system for many years, I would love Mast to write a book dissecting the current issues with the VA and how we can better help veterans when they return home, both with fiscal issues, but also mental health.

Dan Crenshaw

Okay, hear me out. Crenshaw may be brand new to politics but he is already making waves. After being mocked on SNL, Crenshaw had one of the most amazing responses I’ve ever seen in politics. He’s a humble and gracious man, he has a sense of humor, and he has served his country honorably. Though I’m sure he could also write an amazing book about veterans and adjustment issues, I’d love to see a book by him about overcoming partisan divides, finding common ground, and how to respond to insults and attacks with grace instead of with more vitriol.

Aryssa D
FFL Cabinet Member