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Ah, the liberal vocabulary. Superficially positive buzzwords used by the left seek to encompass the virtues of tolerance, acceptance, inclusiveness, equality and love while often denoting just the opposite. Here is a list of seven commonly used liberal terms and their actual, ironic usage:

  1. Tolerance— “Tolerance” is often confused with its now antiquated definition, which was, “the allowance of the existence of other points of views, opinions, methodologies, etc.” In the modern, liberal context, however, “tolerance” is the absolute acceptance of and agreement with views that either align with or do not threaten your own. It is a term often used in the leftist argument for moral relativity, while simultaneously condemning someone who does not believe in moral relativity. Such disagreements are intolerable in the eyes of the left.

  2. Acceptance— “Acceptance” is almost synonymous with tolerance, but it focuses on action rather than thought. To accept, in leftist terms, is to express full-fledged support of all causes. Acceptance of a cause, person, group, or idea can be exemplified through marching, donating, boycotting, protesting, rioting, Facebook posting and bending the Constitution. A second component of acceptance is ensuring those who do not support a liberal cause are resolutely unaccepted.

  3. Inclusiveness—Similar to tolerance and acceptance, but more aggressive. “Inclusiveness,” in this context, means to condone, embrace and preach on the wide spectrum of moral, ethical, sexual, political and religious views, all which are equally valid. However, the very important exceptions to this spectrum are the doctrines and beliefs of conservatives, constitutional originalists, evangelical Christians and traditionalists at large. They are, for obvious reasons, excluded in the eyes of the left.

  4. Diversity—The vehement embrace of all beliefs, colors, backgrounds and orientations, truly characterized by the indoctrination of victimhood, which includes only minorities. This definition of “diversity” enables harsh rejection of any criticism aimed at a person of any race other than white. Additionally, diversity of this kind is narrow in nature and does not include diversity of thought as it pertains to conservatism and evangelical Christianity. As far as politics and morals, thinking should be unanimous.

  5. Equality—The desire for an even playing field economically, racially, sexually, etc. Equality does not pertain to equal opportunity, but rather to equal reward and/or consequence, no matter the preceding actions taken. For example, incomes should be even no matter the effort; all American residents (and even some non-residents!) should have the same rights as citizens, no matter their legality; all women should the same option as men to abandon parenthood, no matter if there is a child inside her. It is crucial to note that unborn children, Christians, conservatives and the like are not equal in neither worth nor validity.

  6. Compassion—A firm requirement of modern-day liberalism, defined by freely giving away goods, money, protection, etc., to all groups – no matter their views, criminality or legality. Also, a term used as leverage in arguments against those who do not align with the leftist agenda. Again, this idea does not, however, encompass unborn children, rich people, or, of course, conservatives.

  7. Love—The precipice of all liberal theory. This definition of “love” means being tolerant, accepting, diverse, equal and compassionate toward everyone, no matter what. To be applied when, and only when, a person fits into the liberal agenda.

Unfortunately, instead of molding their causes to fit the actual meanings of these terms, the left has twisted their definitions to fit their cause. They have shrouded their agenda with universally positive terms to solidify that they are on the “right” side of history.

Consequently, many millennials, inundated with clever messages from both Hollywood & the media, have bought into the lie that in order to be loving, kind, strong or smart, they must buy into the liberal agenda. Here is news for you, millennials: you don’t.

Allie Beth Stuckey