We’re women who like to get things done. We’re busy. Our to do lists are over flowing and stressed has just become a part of our personality at this point. Sometimes, it’s hard to relax. Have no fear, though, we have found eight great items that can help you relax

Shiatsu Back MassagerGot stress? Tension in your back tearing you down? Splurge and treat yourself with this shiatsu back massager that has multiple speeds and heat settings. I’m a proud owner or one, and so is my friend with chronic back pain from an accident, so I speak from experience that this is a must-have product. Because of the arm straps you can use it even while you’re doing other work.

Soothing Bath SaltsA nice bath can be a great stress reliever, and you can even jazz it up with some soothing bath salts. Not only do you get to soak in a warm bath away from all your troubles, but you can also engage in some good old fashioned aromatherapy.

A Book on MindfulnessIf you’re trying to live a more mindful life, live in the moment, and destress, check out this book. It promises toset you and your family on the road of mindfulness so you can lead a more mindful, peaceful and relaxed life.” What more could you ask for?

Noise Cancelling HeadphonesBlack out all those stressful sounds. Focus on whatever it is that will calm you down: a good book, music, meditiation, etc. These noise-cancelling headphones are a great investment for stress relief, meditation exercise, and long plane rides with crying babies.

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Black-Out CurtainsThese pleated curtains are perfect for anyone who knows how important sleep is, no matter what time of day it is. These curtains will make it possible to keep the sleep you need no matter your schedule or how delicate you are to the light.

Facial MasksHave a spa day with your favorite girls or just yourself with these facial masks that will clear up your stress pimples and bags under your eyes. These will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Self-Exploration JournalStart your relaxation and stress-free journey by journaling. This journal is designed tohelp readers nurture their creativity, mindfulness, and self-motivation” and has a ton of great reviews. Journaling is a great way to get in touch with yourself and keep everything on track.

Yoga matDestress and relax your muscles with some yoga. This beautiful mat will make you want to roll it out and put it to use. Yoga can be done anywhere with the right mindset and instructions, so dive in and see what yoga can do for you.

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