Blaire White

Blaire White is a center-right YouTuber who offers an interesting perspective as a transgender woman. White discusses mostly social issues, such as feminism, race, gender, social justice, fat acceptance, etc., but she she has also discussed President Trump, the media, and Islam. Blaire often does this through response videos.  She has also debated other YouTubers, such as Onision and Laci Green.  Blaire White is intelligent, witty, and offers a different perspective to today’s issues.


June Lapine, aka Shoe0nHead, is a YouTuber who, similarly to Blaire White, discusses social issues, such as feminism and social justice. She is often informative yet comedic.  One of her most hilarious videos is called “the patriarchy” which is part of the full video, “THE FEMINIST COLORING BOOK.” She actually is not a conservative. She is more of a classical liberal. Her videos have great points, and it is always good to hear from someone with different opinions.

Hunter Avallone

Hunter Avallone is a right-wing YouTuber who discusses current issues on his channel weekly. Avallone does this mostly through skits and response videos. He has been posting political videos for almost two years and has gained a lot of popularity on the site within that time.  Hunter’s videos are not only informative but also entertaining and original through his use of skits and comedy.

Emma Capps

Emma Capps is a 17-year-old conservative YouTuber. Capps posts about her opinions on current events and political issues, vlogs, and comedic videos.  She offers a unique perspective, being a teen conservative, and shows her audience that you can be involved in politics no matter your age.  She hosted a Blue Lives Matter Rally, interned for Gretchen Carlson at Fox News, and attended many conferences, such as Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Summit.  

Steven Crowder

Steven Crowder is known for his podcast, “Louder With Crowder,” which he posts on his YouTube channel.  He comments on current political issues, and hosts guests, such as Ben Shapiro, Tomi Lahren, and Ted Cruz.  He often uses comedy to make his videos entertaining and as a way to get his point across which is seen in his video, “I’m Just a Bill (Transgender Schoolhouse Rock Parody!).”  Recently, Crowder has published a video where he exposes Antifa for being a violent group and how the media is hiding this.  Since 2006 when Crowder created his YouTube channel, he has amassed almost one million subscribers, many of whom also joined his Mug Club where they receive a “Louder With Crowder” mug and exclusive content.

Lauren Southern

After leaving her job at Rebel Media, Lauren Southern has begun posting frequently on her independent, self-titled, YouTube channel. Southern has a very unique voice to offer to the political world, being only 22-years-old.  She is right-wing, but that does not stop her from criticizing other right-wingers.  Despite being a supporter, Lauren has criticized President Trump, and even though she holds many libertarian views, she has also criticized modern Libertarians.  Lauren also offers a unique perspective since she travels to places, such as UC Berkeley during Antifa riots and No-Go Zones in Europe, and reports on what she has seen and experienced, as opposed to just giving her opinion on something she has heard.

Julie Borowski

Julie Borowski is a libertarian YouTuber who has been posting videos for over six years!  She comments on current political issues from a libertarian perspective criticizing socialists, liberals, feminists, and neo-cons.  Julie has been a great advocate for the liberty movement, teaching thousands, including myself about libertarianism.

Prager University

Prager University, PragerU, posts educational videos to their YouTube channel on political science, history, economics, foreign policy, religion and more. They have spread their message to their 1,000,000+ subscribers and others who have watched their videos. PragerU teach very important lessons that many will not hear in school due to leftist professors. It is important to hear different perspectives before forming an opinion. PragerU does a great job of exposing people to conservatism. They are especially great at spreading their message to students in high school and college through their student ambassador program, PragerFORCE. PragerFORCE members, such as myself, share PragerU videos on social media and spread the conservative message.

Rose L