Many of us are reaching that point in life where the people around us are having children. Perhaps we’re even having children ourselves! I know I’m not, and when I got my first invite to a baby shower for a friend, I was in a state of panic trying to decide what to give. I consulted many of my friends who had babies to try and come up with a good list for original gift ideas for the expectant mother. Diapers and bottles and clothes are go-to gifts. While they are practical, they lack originality.  While mothers and fathers definitely need those gifts, you shouldn’t feel confined to those gifts. Feel free to think outside of the box and the expectant mother will thank you. 

Whether your friend is having a boy or a girl, all of these gifts will be useful to them! Gift ideas range across price ranges so that you can shop on a budget or splurge for your best friend on her first child.

Baby Keepsake Library

A Chic Playmat 

A Travel Bed  

A Nursing Cover  

A Fun Mobile 

A Video Baby Monitor  

A Designer Diaper Bag 

Golden Books Collection 

Handmade Booties

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