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Progressive Feminists, Republican Women Are Not Your Enemy

Dear progressive feminists, You claim that I must be voting Republican because I am ignorant and blind to the harm that Republican leaders and their policies cause women; that I have been brainwashed into voting against myself and my sisters and that only by falling in line behind you and [...]

I’m Not Less of a Feminist Because I’m A Republican

The 2018 midterms may have been one of the craziest midterms I have ever witnessed. From how crazy campaigns were, the ever present campaign ads, and how divisive people have become. I’m in a lot of groups on social media and I follow a lot of different types of people [...]

I’m A Feminist By Definition, Not Connotation

Living in the era of millennials and marches, we as women are always posed with the question “are you a feminist?” Many of us have a hard time answering that question. We do not feel the connection to the way the media and society portrays modern feminist movement. We do [...]

5 Glass Shattering Women That Liberal Feminists Ignore

Modern feminists love to hold up liberal women like Hillary Clinton, Margaret Sanger, and Madeline Albright as feminist icons. They conveniently exclude and often ignore important conservative women that broke glass ceilings, stomped all over the patriarchy of their day, and advanced the work of women everywhere. Of course, because [...]

Dear Liberal Feminists, Let’s Talk

In the past few years that I’ve been outspoken about my political views, I’ve received a lot of hatred from the from liberal feminists. For example: “Ignorant.” “20 year old prat” “You must hate yourself.” “You should’ve been aborted.” “Please don’t breed.” “Stupid, self-absorbed, mindless twat…” “You disrespect your own [...]