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6 Ways To Make Your Commute More Productive

As much as it may feel like you live at the office, the dreaded daily commute sneaks up on you twice a day. You’re forced to remember that there is a home away from your desk. In my brief time as a working adult, I’ve had a variety of different [...]

5 Logical Fallacies And The Ways The Left Uses Them

Throughout the course of the last year, I completed a study of formal and informal logic. The last unit of this course was devoted entirely to commonly used logical fallacies. One of my assignments was to give an example of each one of these fallacies. After I completed the assignment, [...]

Who Is Jared Kushner? Here Is What You Need To Know

 There's a man in the White House who a lot of people know nothing about. I'm not talking about Donald Trump, but his son-in-law, businessman Jared Kushner. Since the campaign kicked off in June of 2015, Kushner has been a consistent presence in the news. Now, with allegations of Russian [...]

Yes, It Is Okay To Criticize Trump Even If You’re A Republican

Many “resistance” movements have sprouted since news broke that President Donald Trump secured the votes to win the 2016 election. These movements are fueled by the liberal media, celebrities and other influencers of pop culture. All, unfortunately, have the tendency to use a partisan filter to look at everything Trump [...]

7 Things Sorority Women Would Like You to Know

Today’s society and the media often preach against the perpetuating of group stereotypes. However, one group is often excluded from this narrative: sorority women.   Television shows and movies have long portrayed women in sororities as wealthy party girls who fail their classes and attend college for fun. For those [...]

6 Ways To Effectively Debate A Pro-Choicer As A Pro-Life Woman

A major tenant of conservatism is being pro-life. As conservatives surrounded by many liberal peers, especially on college campuses, we will routinely be forced to defend our views and engage in lively, but polite, debate with people who disagree with us. You can hardly claim to support something if you’ve [...]

6 Books That Debunk Socialism

Why do millennials keep trying to make socialism happen? Well, to be quite frank, it is because they are uninformed or ignorant of history. In the many months since Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy and campaigned as a “democratic socialist” I have had far too many discussions with my peers [...]

How Feminism Has Lost Its Way

Women have changed quite a bit over the past one hundred years - from gaining the right to vote to higher participation in the workforce. Today, women have many more opportunities to attend college, find jobs, and participate in traditionally male activities. I recently finished ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club, [...]