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5 Songs To Add To Your Girl Boss Playlist

Every girl boss should have a motivational playlist ready to go whether she’s working out at the gym, getting ready in the morning, psyching herself up to study for a test, or working on a big project. Here are five songs every girl boss should have in her motivational playlist, [...]

Can We Stop Scrutinizing Political Women’s Fashion Choices?

Women in politics are constantly scrutinized and torn apart for the way that they look, whether that be the outfit that they’re wearing, their shoes, or even their makeup. As young, professional women ourselves, we understand the importance of dressing the part and always looking presentable. However, there has emerged [...]

Taylor Swift Denounces White Supremacy And The Alt-Right

Taylor Swift is currently under fire after her lawyer threatened to take legal action against the California based magazine PopFront due to their publishing of an article titled “Swiftly to the alt-right: Taylor subtly gets the lowercase kkk in formation.” The article was published in September and argues that lyrics from [...]

Why We Need More Conservatives In Fiction

I have always been a voracious reader of fiction, and I have always been ideologically conservative. If I had let my politics be determined by my reading material, I can tell you that I wouldn’t be leaning right today. That’s because the overwhelming majority of mainstream fiction books today espouse [...]

7 Essentials To Bring To Every Meeting

Regardless of how long you've been in the workplace, when you start a new position and you're getting invited to meetings with people in "high places," it's always a little nerve wracking to know exactly what you need. Even if you’ve been in the same office for years, meetings can [...]

Stop Letting Political Opinions Define People

In today’s society, we tend to disregard someone’s opinion on the sole basis that they do not think or act like us. We reduce people with statements like  “she’s just a liberal or Democrat” or “he’s just a conservative or Republican.” Rather than simply hearing the other side, we shut [...]

5 Reasons Chip and Joanna Gaines Are The Definition Of Goals

Is there any couple in the United States who inspires so much admiration as Chip and Joanna Gaines? Probably, but that doesn’t stop a huge swath of America from adoring the Fixer Upper couple. Whether we’re watching their wildly popular HGTV show, reading their best-selling books, shopping their online store [...]

A Day In The Life Of A Service Dog Handler

November of 2016, I welcomed a new treatment plan into my life. She was a 9 week old Golden Retriever, so interested in this new world around her. It is important that society realizes that service dogs are not pets. They are life saving medical devices and deserve respect. I [...]

8 YouTube Channels Every Conservative Should Subscribe To

Blaire White Blaire White is a center-right YouTuber who offers an interesting perspective as a transgender woman. White discusses mostly social issues, such as feminism, race, gender, social justice, fat acceptance, etc., but she she has also discussed President Trump, the media, and Islam. Blaire often does this through response [...]

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Campus Club

Everyone wants to start their own club on campus, especially when they feel like their niche interests aren’t being represented. Luckily, most colleges make it pretty easy for students to do just that, and a million clubs proliferate. Unfortunately, too many club leaders fail to think through some major questions [...]

Democratic Socialism Debunked: Yes, It’s Still Socialism

I've noticed that more and more, people are under the impression that socialism and democratic socialism are two fundamentally different things. In reality, they share the same components. Socialists believe that free-market capitalism is a failed system and that all important decisions dealing with the direction of investment should be [...]

I’m A Black Woman And Planned Parenthood Does Not Represent Me

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood Black Community, a branch of the Planned Parenthood Action, tweeted that black women having an abortion is safer than having their child. Maternal deaths for Black women span age, education and income level. Racism, lack of access to quality health care and poverty kill us. — [...]