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7 Steps To Becoming A More Effective Campus Activist

Over the course of the past year, college campuses have become a hub for political activism. Whether it’s an anti-socialism event, a Black Lives Matter Protest, or a controversial speaker, millennials have become increasingly involved in the political movement on campus, ensuring that their voices are heard. Being an effective [...]

10 Tips For Staying Safe In Parking Garages

I’m sure I speak for most young women when I say that walking through a parking building always puts me on edge. I have seen too many movies and heard too many stories about girls who have been assaulted, heckled, or taken in parking buildings to ever feel safe walking [...]

9 World Leaders You Should Know

We live in an increasingly international world, where it is simply not enough to know who the leader of your country is. While that is critical, of course, your president is going to be interacting with world leaders from allied nations and nations we have more tense relationships with.  While [...]

Feminists Should Support the Second Amendment, Here’s Why

According to statistics from the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, one in five women have been raped during their life, 19.3 million have been stalked, and one in four are victims of physical violence from an intimate partner. Many women are unable to defend themselves against the threat of someone [...]

What Are Sanctions? Let’s Break It Down

Lately, we have heard that President Donald Trump may impose sanctions on different nations such as Venezuela and Middle Eastern countries. What are sanctions? How do they affect us and how do they affect the nation we impose them on? First of all, sanctions are actions taken by nations against [...]

How To Support Women In Politics Without Ideological Conformity

One thing that both conservative and liberal feminists agree on is that they shouldn’t have to support women who are ideological opposites of them. After all, men don’t randomly support a man with opposite political views simply because he’s a man. Women are not just an ideologically identical interest group. [...]

How Conservative Activists Can Best Change Hearts And Minds

With more right leaning clubs on campus than ever, there is a plethora of conservative college activists across the United States. From catchy slogans to campus events to conferences, there are numerous ways activists can interact with those who disagree with them politically. It is crucial that conservatives do their [...]

5 Principles For The Christian Politico To Abide By

As a Christian, defining the relationship between one’s faith and politics can be extremely difficult. Far too many self-proclaimed Christians are easily swept into the hurricane that is our current political landscape, which is marked by polarization, constant arguments, and acrimonious language. Both sides are guilty of this behavior. It [...]

5 Reasons To Get A Part-Time Job While In School

Some fear the idea of having a part-time job while in high school or college. Whether it's in the food industry or retail, working a job that isn't necessarily directly linked to your career is actually very helpful in the long-run for several reasons. Here are five reasons to consider [...]

Sebastian Gorka Resigns From The White House

Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka has resigned from Trump Administration. Gorka was a counter-terrorism adviser to the President. Sebastian Gorka is former counter-terrorism analyst for Fox News and National Security Editor at Breitbart. Gorka was said to be a part of the Strategic Initiatives Group during his time in the White [...]

15 Must Haves For Your College Dorm Room

Moving away from home for the first time or even for the second or third can be extremely nerve-racking. You want to be comfortable and prepared but also not over-packed or stuffed to the brim with gadgets and gizmos you don’t need. Should you leave your stuffed animals at home? [...]