We all develop bad habits that impact our decisions on a daily basis. Whether you are an impulse shopper, binge eater, compulsive liar or you are involved in a relationship that frankly shouldn’t be long term, all our bad habits hold us back from living a more productive lifestyle.  Why is that we recognize these habits as not beneficial, yet we continue to allow our bad habits to control our life decisions? Is it that they provide us comfort? Perhaps it is fear of the unknown as to what would happen if we broke these bad habits? Below, you should find words of encouragement to finally break up with these break ups and move forward to success. 

Identify your bad habits

At times, I’ve developed a habit where I take far too much time to make a decision, allowing others to view me as indecisive. Many identify me as analytical.  It is one of many skills that allowed me to succeed in education and professionally, however, with personal decisions, I tend to overanalyze. I’ve realized that by waiting too long I’ve missed out on amazing opportunities that my hard work has provided me. Later, I come to regret not taking action on those missed opportunities.

Create a strategy to break that habit

Accept that failure will occur and finds ways to get back up and conquer your bad habit. 

Failure is inevitable

It is highly likely that you will become stressed along the way and revert back to your bad habit.  Your bad habit provides comfort. Now is the time to avoid the discomfort and stick to the plan. Remind yourself why this habit is holding you back from the accomplishments you would like to make and make sure to listen to yourself.

Share your goal with others

Build a support system. By sharing your goal of conquering bad habits, it may encourage those closest to you to also address a bad habit of their own.

Reward yourself

Identify the things you enjoy and make sure to reward yourself in some way when you break a bad habit. Recognizing your accomplishments is just as important as the accomplishment itself.

We all share share similar characteristics of intelligent, disciplined and driven individuals.  We have a strong dedication to serving others and at times forget about serving ourselves. By taking the step in realizing your bad habits and how you can face them, I am confident that you can start working towards enjoying a lifestyle that you have been striving for.

Alexa S