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5 Books By Former Liberals That Will Enlighten You

As someone who’s been a conservative since she realized politics existed, I’m always fascinated by people who found conservatism later in life, especially after a stint on the other side of the aisle. Some of my favorite stories to hear are conversion stories. Millennials these days have great stories about [...]

9 Books Written By Sitting Female Senators

There are some very important women in Congress, but we can all agree that women aren’t as represented in the United States Senate as they should be. Of the 100 available senate seats, women hold 21. That is the highest percentage in history. I have high hopes that more and [...]

BOOK REVIEW: ‘No Campus For White Men’ Highlights College Campuses’ Obsession With Diversity, Victimization And Identity Politics

Liberal indoctrination is sweeping the nation, and college campuses are the battlegrounds. In his new book, No Campus for White Men: The Transformation of Higher Education into Hateful Indoctrination, Scott Greer takes a hard look at what has happened to our education system and how college students are being failed on a daily basis. Full [...]

5 Books To Read Right Now About Russia

You can’t turn on the news today without being bombarded with one word: Russia. The FBI investigation into Russian meddling in the election, potential Trump contacts with Russian, the ban on Russian Olympic athletes, the upcoming Russian election. It’s a constant topic, but unfortunately, not much context is given in [...]

8 Books About Abraham Lincoln Every Republican Should Read

As conservatives, we often praise Ronald Reagan and George Washington as presidents we love and uphold as emblems of freedom. We too often forget about the first Republican President, Mr. Abraham Lincoln. Yes, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, Abraham Lincoln was the first person elected to be President of the [...]

7 Books About CEOs We Can All Learn From

Being a CEO of a major company like Amazon, Tesla, or Paypal is something most of us can only dream of. Many of us may not even be interested in becoming CEOs of Fortune 500 companies someday. No matter our career path there is so much we can learn from [...]

6 Books That Dig Into The Immigration Debate

Immigration is one of the most hotly contested issues of our day. While the divide may appear to be along partisan lines, that is not always the case because of just how complicated the issue of immigration is. It’s about more than criminal aliens and a border wall. What about [...]

5 Books That Honor Our Law Enforcement

Around the country in the past few years, police have come under attack, sometimes for good reason, but usually with unnecessary violence that attacks and institution that was built on the premise of protecting our society and making it safe for everyone. Blue Lives Matter arose in response to not [...]