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6 Bible Verses For The College Woman

There comes a time in every college freshmen’s first year when the assignments, friends, and/or distance from home becomes almost too much to handle. If you’re like me, it takes you awhile to finally break down and admit that it’s too much for you. But when I break down, I [...]

5 Tips To Improve Your ACT Score

If you are a high school student, you know the importance of standardized test scores.  If you are like me, you have probably searched every college’s average ACT score and started to worry, but do not panic!  ACT scores are not the sole deciding factor of whether or not you [...]

How She Got That Internship: Amelia’s Internship At USA Today

How She Got That Internship is a series that highlights conservative women’s internships in various organizations and positions to inspire the next generation of conservative women to lead. Did you, or a young woman that you know, have an internship experience you want to share with our readers? Submit it in this form and [...]

12 Rules For The Conservative College Woman

With the beginning of a new school year approaching, I am consumed by the nostalgia of being 18 years old and thinking I was untouchable and had everything figured out. It took graduating college to realize I knew nothing, and I was a lot more fallible than I ever would have [...]

The Young Woman’s Back To School Prayer

As both a Future Female Leader and a Christian, I believe that every new school year is a fresh start and therefore should be treated as a new and exciting opportunity. I also know that I cannot truly accomplish or change anything of my own power. This is why I [...]

6 Must Read Books For The Conservative Freshwoman

When first starting college, it may seem like you may have absolutely no time to read - but, you do! Cut out an hour (or a few) of Netflix binging. Before you know it, you will have enough time to dedicate to a new book. Reading not only increases your [...]

12 Things You Didn’t Think To Pack for College

If you are off to college this fall for the first time, you have probably already started shopping for all of your dorm and college essentials. Regardless of where you are in your shopping, here is handy list of items you may not have thought to buy or pack for [...]

7 Things I Wish I Knew As A Freshman In College

Write everything down. And I mean everything. One of the biggest mistakes I made as a freshman was not writing everything down consistently. I missed a bunch of important dates and even got close to turning in some assignments late. Using my agenda more consistently saved me my second semester. [...]

To The Politically Active STEM Majors: You Can Do Both

Imagine: it’s your first week of college. Your notebooks and laptop are stowed in your backpack, your phone and schedule are in your hand, and you’re scurrying from class to class. You can’t decide whether you’re excited or nervous for your first Biology lab of the semester. Your Physics professor [...]

5 Things You Need to Know Before Taking Out Student Loans

It's Back to School Week at FFL and we're breaking down some of the biggest issues facing students and how could we not talk about student loans? I was lucky enough to not have to take out student loans for my undergraduate career, but graduate school was a whole different story. I had to do a crash [...]

10 Ways To Be Politically Active in High School

I was obsessed with politics in high school. I also knew I was a strong young conservative girl. There were days, like after an election, I would wake up extra early to drink coffee and watch Fox News before school. Unfortunately, there are two lies that young people with a [...]

5 School Supplies You DO Need In College

It's officially school supply season, according to the back to school aisles at Walmart, Target, and Office Max and every other store in the world, it seems. School supply shopping can be super overwhelming but it can also be exciting. It's fun to pick out which color notebook you want [...]

College Checklist: 10 Essentials To Bring To College

College can be scary, especially if you are moving out on your own, whether or not it is into the dorms or your own apartment. We’ve all read about the nice things we should have such as an extra fuzzy pillow, blanket, a coffee maker, and your favorite mug. These [...]

How To Run A Successful Student Government Campaign

After successfully running in three different SGA elections from my freshman through senior year, there is a lot I learned about what is effective and helps spread your message. These tips should help you get ahead and hopefully gain the victory on campus. Know your budget Some schools allow a [...]