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3 Ways To Start A Military Appreciation Week On Your Campus

Many colleges and universities across the United States are home to student groups, such as College Republicans, that host an annual Military Appreciation Week. This is a simple way to show gratitude to those who dedicate their lives to serving our great nation. Although no amount of care packages, donations [...]

Don’t Give Up Your Conservative Views To Satisfy A Liberal Class

It's no secret that students and educators on many college campuses tend to favor liberal political ideologies rather than conservative views, which is why it’s so important to make your voice heard. The abundance of varying views in our nation is what makes America, well, America. Hearing and learning about [...]

4 Ways To Master The Transition From College To The Real World

The time has finally come: you are about to graduate with that coveted degree for which you worked so hard for. After late nights in the library, endless reading assignments, research papers, internships, and club leadership positions, this is what it has all come to. You have spent hours at [...]

5 Outfits Inspirations For The College Girl

College fashion can be tricky. On some campuses, it’s expected to dress on the professional side, while at others it’s the norm to dress extremely casual. I have seen it all from suits to sweat pants. Here are five outfits for college girls that wish to look both comfortable and [...]

7 Easy Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend

It seems nowadays everyone has to have a “side hustle.” Whether you need some extra money to help pay the bills, or just want the extra cash to attend your favorite music festivals, here are 7 side hustle ideas that aren’t your normal part time jobs. Become a [...]

To My Professors Who Teach Without Bias, Thank You

To my unbiased professors, First of all, thank you. The handful of unbiased professors I’ve had have taught me more than almost all of the biased ones put together. Honestly, I can recall more from courses I took a year ago where my professor chose to remain unbiased than I [...]

7 Campus Activism Events To Host On Your Campus

College campuses are overrun by liberal groups protesting everything under the sun. You can’t let them have the fun. While the Left goes out and throws rallies in support of illegal immigrants, abortion, criminals and the like, you should go out and rally in support of what YOU support, whether [...]

Inauguration Protests: Coming To A Campus Near You

The 2016 Presidential Election results sent liberal students across America into a frenzy of fear, disappointment, and #NotMyPresident tweeting sprees and protests. This reaction led professors and instructors to cancel classes and excuse absences on campuses nationwide, to allow students to “cope” with the results. Campuses were somber and the [...]

How To Become A Published Writer In College

If you’re reading this right now, you no doubt know how powerful the voice of young conservatives can be. We may still be in college, some of us may not even be able to vote yet, but we have strong opinions and a desire to share conservatism with the world.  [...]

10 Things Organized Women Do For A Fresh Semester

Maybe last semester didn’t go as planned. Your goal of a 4.0 GPA had quickly diminished and before you knew it finals were here. Failure always serves as a lesson and motivation to do better during this spring semester. After all, it is a new year and a time for [...]