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10 Things You Need To Do To Ace Your Finals

December is an exciting month as the holiday season draws near, but there is one thing students dread most: final exams.  While these next few weeks may include large consumption of caffeine, too little sleep, and several stress headaches, they may become easier with these 10 things you need to [...]

No, I Don’t Want My University To Be A Sanctuary Campus

To my campus peers, Today, I witnessed a concerted effort to try to make our school a “sanctuary campus." The rally required you to walk out of class at noon, come to the library mall and march to the square. It is on this march that you chanted things such [...]

6 Ways To Prepare For Finals Week

College is no walk in the park. It is a difficult commitment that many students struggle to stay on top of. If you are anything like I was when I first started, you may have more than a few questions about how to prepare for and ace those final exams [...]

I Chose Not To Study Abroad, Here’s Why

As I made plans for my final college summer, the expansive months bridging my junior and senior year, I was inundated with school-sponsored events and emails pushing me to spend my summer months in Prague or Rome or Paris or Rio de Janeiro. It seemed a given to so many [...]

You Are Not Your GPA

If there’s one thing I’m proud of in this world, it’s my GPA. I’ve worked hard for it my entire college career.  I used to pride myself on how virtually bulletproof it was. I'll put emphasis on used to.  That is until I was faced with the real possibility that [...]

8 Ways To Avoid Conflict With Your Roommate

Whether you’re rooming with your best friend or a stranger, it’s no secret that college roommates can be precarious. Adjusting to a new school, coursework, and living environment can be an overwhelming to say the least. Rooming with others isn’t always an ideal situation, but these tips can make it [...]

5 Little Things To Help You De-Stress And Appreciate Life

As college students and young adults, we are at the point in the semester where we have our last big exams, projects, and assignments before it comes to a close. With all the deadlines and assignments, sometimes we can get lost in business and never realize how great the smallest [...]

Dressing Up For Class Changed My Life, Here’s Why

It’s painfully obvious on the first day of classes who the freshman are.  They are dressed up, flawless hair and makeup, and accessorized to perfection. Many upperclassmen roll up to class in a giant t-shirt and Nike shorts or leggings. Don’t get me wrong, I love the luxury of not [...]

6 Bible Verses To Remember As A College Student

If you’re anything like me, you stress over every little thing. Rolling out of bed at 7:30 to go to 8am’s, writing papers, studying for exams, scheduling classes; college is far from easy. And on top of all that, most of us try to maintain jobs, relationships, social lives, and [...]

8 Bible Verses For The Stressed College Girl

Being a college student isn’t easy, especially around midterms and finals. Between clubs, schoolwork, work, friends, and political activism, it’s always a whirlwind for the future female leaders of the world. Luckily, there’s a treasure trove of calming quotes to be found in the Bible for the girl who needs [...]

15 Things Every Political Science Major Knows To Be True

Whether you want to admit it or not, every major has a stereotype. Here are 15 things that can easily distinguish a political science major: 1) You’re always up for a good debate   2) An election year is equivalent to heaven   3) You can’t decide what [...]

6 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Any Girl Can Throw Together

Halloween celebrations will be in full swing this weekend.  If you are anything like me, you're the queen of waiting until the last minute.  Maybe you still don't have any idea what you should dress up as. Maybe you didn't get the craft gene. Lastly, maybe you are a broke [...]

10 Ways To Be Career Conscious While In College

A huge misconception surrounding college students is that careers don’t start until after graduation, however this could not be further from the truth. It’s vital to begin your career as early as possible and college is the perfect time to do so. College students have ample opportunity at their fingertips [...]