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10 Things To Do The Summer Before Starting College

Following the sweet moments of graduation, the feeling of starting college right around the corner may leave you in a whirlwind of worry. Beginning college in the fall may be daunting. There are things you can do the summer before you start to help make the transition easier. Get a [...]

7 Things Sorority Women Would Like You to Know

Today’s society and the media often preach against the perpetuating of group stereotypes. However, one group is often excluded from this narrative: sorority women.   Television shows and movies have long portrayed women in sororities as wealthy party girls who fail their classes and attend college for fun. For those [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Taking An Online Class

At some point during our college careers, we all think about taking an online class, whether it is for a full semester, a summer session, or a minimester. Online classes can be a blessing to our busy schedules. Often, we expect online classes to be an easy A and more [...]

A Girl’s Ultimate Guide For Applying To Law School

Applying to law school is scary. LSAT, GPA, letters of recommendation, applications, school visits -- it can make your head spin. There’s so much to keep up with, and what feels like so little time to get everything done. As someone who was just in your shoes, let my experience [...]

To My College Best Friends As We Graduate

I have always believed that people are put in your life at the right time. Trust me, I could not have asked for a better time to find you. 18 year old small town me could not wait to leave home. I was so excited to move five hours away [...]

To My Parents As I Graduate College

To my parents as I graduate, Thank you. Looking back on my time in school, very little has been consistent. Through changing teachers, outgrowing friends, failed relationships, and those rough teenage years, you are the one thing that has remained constant in my life. In a time where everything was [...]

5 Pieces Of Advice For Recent College Graduates

As a new graduate, it might feel like life really does come at you fast. Many new college graduates are nervous, unemployed, and anxious for what this new chapter of life may hold. While you can never be too sure what the future has for you here are 5 pieces [...]

Why Student Government Elections Matter On Campus

If you’re a political junkie, you know that elections matter. Even the most localized contests will impact your life in some way, even if they aren’t quite as exciting as a historic presidential election. In fact, the more localized the government, the more direct control the winner of that race [...]

8 Graduation Caps For The Conservative Woman

With graduation right around the corner, a lot of us are scrambling to figure out how we want to make a statement on our graduation cap. It needs to be cute and classy while making a statement about your time in school and who you are. If you’re a fierce [...]

A College Girl’s Guide to Grocery Shopping

Attending college is expensive enough. From purchasing books, supplies, housing, and everything else that comes with it, adding in a grocery budget can be extremely difficult. Believe it or not, there is a way for grocery shopping to be both healthy and affordable. Here is a college girl’s perfect guide [...]