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A College Girl’s Guide To Her First Roommate

You’ve heard the horror stories, but no one really prepares you for having a roommate.  They’re just trying to scare you or warn you, but they don’t tell you how to make it a good experience for everyone involved. We’re here to change that. Going to college is exciting, especially [...]

4 Ways To Advance the Pro-Life Message On Campus

It’s not easy being an advocate for the unborn when your campus is full of people wearing hat versions of female genitalia and saying that abortion is a human right, but someone has to do it. If that person is you, you should know that you are not alone.  Our [...]

5 Of The Worst Anti-Free Speech Scandals On College Campuses

Colleges are supposed to be spaces where young people go to learn and grow so that they can be productive citizens of the world when the time comes. Increasingly though, colleges have been institutions for liberal indoctrination where free speech is discouraged. Conservative intellectuals are even threatened with violence when [...]

25 Girl Boss Quotes To Inspire You All Semester

It’s the start of a new semester and we could all use some motivation. As young women, we often taken inspiration from the world around us. The Internet these days is chock full of inspirational quotes that can inspire us to be the very best we can be. I call [...]

6 Tricks To Save Big Bucks On College Textbooks

Everyone knows that college is expensive. One of the biggest costs of college that no one talks about until you get to campus is the cost of textbooks and class materials. For each class, and you'll take an average of five a semester, you may need anywhere from one to fifteen books. [...]

A Girl’s Ultimate Guide To Studying Abroad

Even though our hearts bleed red, white and blue, studying outside the United States is an essential for any college girl boss. Whether you’re learning a foreign language like me or just want to experience a new culture, studying abroad is an unmatched personal experience. That said, there’s a lot [...]

6 Books to Read To Prepare You For Your Liberal Campus

It's no secret that today's college campuses are bastions of liberal indoctrination and conservative hatred. What is a college conservative to do? Should we forgo college all together and jump right into the business world? Maybe, but let's be honest, that path isn't for everyone. We cannot simply allow the [...]

How To Go To College For Free

Americans owe over 1.4 trillion dollars in student loan debt. Did you read that correctly? Trillion, with a T. College is expensive, we all know that, right? I know that first hand. I'm a senior at a liberal arts college that has an annual bill nearing $70k. However, I manage [...]

8 Lessons You Learn From Living In A Dorm

Living in a dorm room with a new roommate is one of the most exciting things about going to school away from home. You encounter so many new obstacles and experiences, which can be challenging at times, but overall, worth it. Here are some lessons I learned from the past [...]

7 Planners To Use This Fall (That Aren’t Totally Basic)

We’re all busy people. No one likes to fall behind on their duties or feel like they forgot something. We turn to agendas, planners, and calendars galore to keep us on track. Though it is still summer, many companies are already releasing their back to school 2017-2018 agendas and we [...]

10 Things To Do The Summer Before Starting College

Following the sweet moments of graduation, the feeling of starting college right around the corner may leave you in a whirlwind of worry. Beginning college in the fall may be daunting. There are things you can do the summer before you start to help make the transition easier. Get a [...]

7 Things Sorority Women Would Like You to Know

Today’s society and the media often preach against the perpetuating of group stereotypes. However, one group is often excluded from this narrative: sorority women.   Television shows and movies have long portrayed women in sororities as wealthy party girls who fail their classes and attend college for fun. For those [...]

The Do’s and Don’ts Of Taking An Online Class

At some point during our college careers, we all think about taking an online class, whether it is for a full semester, a summer session, or a minimester. Online classes can be a blessing to our busy schedules. Often, we expect online classes to be an easy A and more [...]