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5 School Supplies You DON’T Need In College

It's officially school supply season, according to the back to school aisles at Walmart and Target and Office Max and every other store in the world, it seems. School supply shopping can be super overwhelming, but it can also be exciting. It's fun to pick out which color notebook you [...]

5 Ways To Get A 4.0 This Semester

Going to college is hard. Sometimes we get so involved, stressed, or are even just so tired that it is hard to be able to fully focus on our studies to make the grades we should be getting. Use these five tips to be able to help you get that [...]

25 Ways To Stay Safe On Your College Campus

As you prepare to move into your dorm or apartment for the new school year, one of the best things you can do is educate yourself about staying safe on campus. Although universities do a wonderful job of implementing security procedures, your safety is also your personal responsibility. There are [...]

Everything You Need To Know About University Scholarships

Being awarded a scholarship can greatly impact a student’s academic career. In my job as advancement operations manager at a large university, one of our core roles is to work with donors to establish scholarships for students working to further themselves and their career. Most scholarships are set up as [...]

How To Make The Most Of Your Amazon Prime Student Account

Obviously, there are a ton of benefits of a college education, but one of the unsung heroes is the Amazon Prime Student discount. For only $59 a year, you get free 2-day shipping on a ton of items and so much more. A lot of my peers use Amazon Prime solely for the shipping, [...]

The Conservative Woman’s Guide to Sorority Recruitment

Sorority recruitment is a nerve-racking process to begin with, but add being conservative to the mix and you’re in for what may seem like a whirlwind of stress. We all know that being a conservative makes us a minority among millennials. Don’t let that stop you from going through recruitment [...]

A Step-by-Step Guide To Using Your Planner This Year

It’s a tale as old as time: your new planner arrives in the mail in July and you start filling it out immediately. This year, your plan is to never miss a homework assignment or forget about a meeting. Then Fall Break rolls around and you realize you’ve barely touched [...]

5 Things To Know Before Going To Graduate School

Graduate school is an entirely different beast as compared to an undergraduate education. On the first day of graduate school, my M.A. and Ph.D. advisor, said “The question is not what, the question is why.” These words are as true today as they were when I first heard them. The [...]

5 Things To Know Before Taking The GRE

So you’re thinking about graduate school. That means your next standardized test of choice will probably be the GRE. To break It down a bit, the LSAT is for law school, the GMAT is for business school, and the GRE is for other masters programs. Like taking the SAT or ACT [...]

5 Ways To Handle Political Bias In A University Classroom

Every person, Republican or Democrat, is biased when thinking and/or discussing political views. Recently, political bias has infiltrated classrooms on universities across the country. In fact, it is being reported on more and more. As a current Ph.D. student and adjunct instructor at Texas Tech University, I have seen political [...]

5 Things To Know Before Taking The LSAT

The Law School Admission Test, also known as the LSAT, is the test that almost all law schools in the United States require. The test is scored from 120 to 180. It is multiple choice questions with an unscored writing sample at the end. There are five sections, but only [...]

10 Best Pens for Note Taking

I personally love pens. I am a stationary addict, honestly. These pens range pricey to cheaper and from gel to rollerball to ballpoint to fine liner to marker. These are the top 10 pens to use for note taking! Zebra Sarasa Clip These pens write so smoothly, and they are [...]