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9 Valuable Administrative Skills You Can Learn On Your Own

Liberal arts degrees are great and enlightening, but they often fail to teach students real life, applicable skills that they need to thrive in a modern workplace. Unfortunately, not everyone enters the field as a top dog, and businesses must be kept running somehow. Often times, that requires people with [...]

10 Things To Do To Clean Up Your Social Media Prescence

Our generation seems to have an obsession with putting everything online. It is vital that we be careful with what we are posting. There are things that can automatically disqualify you from a job and there are certain things potential employers are looking for. The internet is a beautiful disaster. [...]

5 Unconventional Ways To Search For Internships

It may be fall semester but it's never too early to start searching for internships. Regardless of the field you hope to go into, internships are a great way to gain practical experience. Not to mention, they serve as a great resume builder. Whether you want to work close to [...]

6 Job Paths For English Major Graduates

Whenever you tell someone you’re a college student, the first thing they’re going to ask you is either what institution you attend or your major. When one of those doesn’t satisfy their standards, they’re going to ask you what you plan on actually doing with your life. Even though I’m [...]

How To Deal With A Toxic Co-Worker

Whether it’s at the job putting you through school or the one with a desk post-degree, they’ve all got them: toxic co-workers. No matter how they earn their title, toxic coworkers are sure to be a pain in the workplace. Regardless, these people shouldn’t get to infect you with their [...]

5 Reasons To Get A Part-Time Job While In School

Some fear the idea of having a part-time job while in high school or college. Whether it's in the food industry or retail, working a job that isn't necessarily directly linked to your career is actually very helpful in the long-run for several reasons. Here are five reasons to consider [...]

Save, Spend, Splurge: 6 Purses For Every Budget

As young women breaking in to professional careers, it’s important to look the part. After all, the adage “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” rings true for a reason. That being said, if your budget doesn’t quite match your ambition, there’s still hope. FFL is [...]

Your Guide On How To Write A Good Op-Ed

If you're reading this, it's likely because you're politically minded, have a lot of opinions, and know that one of the most effective and popular ways of communication in our increasingly partisan world is the op-ed, or the opinion editorial. Every major news outlet, and almost all of the smaller ones, [...]