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Save, Spend, Splurge: 6 Purses For Every Budget

As young women breaking in to professional careers, it’s important to look the part. After all, the adage “dress for the job you want, not the job you have” rings true for a reason. That being said, if your budget doesn’t quite match your ambition, there’s still hope. FFL is [...]

Your Guide On How To Write A Good Op-Ed

If you're reading this, it's likely because you're politically minded, have a lot of opinions, and know that one of the most effective and popular ways of communication in our increasingly partisan world is the op-ed, or the opinion editorial. Every major news outlet, and almost all of the smaller ones, [...]

9 Mistakes Recent College Grads Make When Looking For A Job

Growing up you’re told that getting a college degree is the key to a well-paying job and successful life. If you’re a recent or upcoming college grad, you know that it is rarely that simple. Job hunting is stressful. You’re in your early twenties trying to figure out what you [...]

5 Ways To Keep In Touch After Your Internship Ends

The summer is winding down. Soon, you’ll be leaving your internship and going back to campus. You had a great summer at a wonderful place of employment and you don’t want to lose any progress you made. If you’ve really enjoyed your summer internship, you want to make sure you can [...]

6 Best Work Purses For The Professional Woman

As young and upcoming professional women, we are always trying to look our best in the workplace. It is crucially important to dress to impress and follow the advice of your supervisors to make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the office. One factor of your outfit that is [...]

The 6 Commandments Of Quitting Your Job The Right Way

Deciding to quit your job or your internships never an easy decision. It is one that is come to after some serious soul-searching. However, when you do decide to quit, you want to make sure you do it the right way. Even if you hate your boss and your coworkers [...]

6 Ways To Make Your Commute More Productive

As much as it may feel like you live at the office, the dreaded daily commute sneaks up on you twice a day. You’re forced to remember that there is a home away from your desk. In my brief time as a working adult, I’ve had a variety of different [...]

7 Things You Should Not Expect From Your First Job

You applied, nailed the job interview, and before you know it, it will be your first day on the job. Congratulations! The fun is about to begin, but make sure you do not hinder your career with off-base expectations. Here is what not to expect from your first job: [...]

Your Ultimate Guide On How To Dress For TV

Making an appearance on a national news network is every young politico’s dream. Whether you’re appearing Fox and Friends or a local channel, it is important that you understand how to dress your best for TV. Dressing for TV is much different than dressing for everyday life, and simply saying [...]

5 Difficult Work Situations And How To Deal With Them

It's not abnormal to have issues in the work place, but it’s vital to understand how to confront and overcome them. Here are five common work place situations and how best to deal with them.  Not being heard Do you feel like you are bringing up great ideas at work, [...]

6 Commandments Of Building A Resume

Building a resume, especially at a young age, can be extremely difficult. Having an impressive resume is one of the essentials to get the positions you want. Follow these six tips to create your a great resume. 1) Keep it to one page Even if your accomplishments extend [...]