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Breaking Down Taylor Swift’s Recent Political Endorsements

Around 8 pm on October 7th, Taylor Swift made a post on Instagram about the Tennessee Senate race between Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen. Since Swift is not known for making political statements (her silence is often a point of contention in the fanbase), this rocked the social media universe. [...]

The Conservative Case for Indigenous Peoples Day

For years, school children have grown up learning that Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492. Most elementary schoolers remember having to learn the names of the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria, and learned the history of Columbus and his men arriving in America. Most Americans don’t [...]

5 Pumpkin Carving Ideas For The America Loving Woman

October is finally upon us which for many of us that means autumn leaves, fall outfits, and pumpkin patches. With pumpkin patches of course comes pumpkin carvings. I found the best patriotic pumpkin carving patterns for this fall that any patriotic gal will enjoy carving with their friends and family. [...]

How Shonda Rhime’s Show Scandal Degrades Women

Scandal, the hit political show by Shonda Rhimes on ABC appears to promote the notion that females are strong and can be powerful in the political realm. However, when one actively watches to the messages presented in Scandal, one will soon realize that the messages presented in Scandal is hypocritical [...]

Practicing Catholicism In the Midst of Corruption In The Church

The past several weeks have been fraught with heinous revelations in the Catholic Church. In Pennsylvania, documents from a grand jury were released detailing cases of rape and sexual abuse by hundreds of priests and bishops, many of which seemed to have been covered up by leaders of the Church. [...]

10 Books You’ll Love If You Love The Musical Hamilton

Hamilton: An American Musical has changed the way the world looks at history and at Broadway. It shows no signs of stopping soon. It’s hard to believe that it has become such a cultural phenomenon in only a few years. That’s right, Hamilton first made its Off-Broadway appearance in February [...]

10 Ways To Best Prepare For A Hurricane

I’ve lived in North Carolina my whole life. I am no stranger to hurricanes and the intense level of planning that goes into them. I’ve suffered through a lot of power outages, flooding, and devastation around me. While I have been fortunate to have never lost a thing in a [...]

5 Things We Can Learn From The Life Of Lilly Pulitzer

I’m sure if you clicked on this article you are just as obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer as the next girl. Lilly Pulitzer speaks volumes of class, elegance, and pure happiness. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be dressed in Lilly. But who was the actual Lilly Pulitzer? [...]

If the Crown Fits: Breaking Down The Changes Of Miss America 2.0

The 92th Miss America competition, formally pageant, will air on ABC tonight, from 9 to 11 pm. The competition has deep 98-year-old traditions, but this year, things will be different from what the pageant’s audience is used to seeing. The organization has adopted the tagline “Miss America 2.0” to market for [...]

5 Things You Need to Know About The History of the Berlin Wall

August 13th may seem to be a day like any other, but if you're a history buff or an ardent anti-communist, you know that August 13th has some serious significance. August 13th, 1961 was the day that construction began on the Berlin Wall. I'm 22-years-old, but I have lived my entire life without Berlin Wall. Likely, you too [...]

5 Things You Need To Know Going Into The Bachelorette Finale

America's guilty pleasure, The Bachelorette, is coming to its season end tonight. The idea of one person dating thirty individuals and then getting engaged after only a few weeks is crazy, but personally I prefer the Bachelorette's love stories, since they seem to work out better. Becca Kufrin is the [...]

9 Gifts For The Girl Who Wants To Save The Bees

Conservation is cool kids, and we're not letting the left control the narrative anymore. Being a conservative means conserving the environment as well, and while there are many ways to do that in our daily lives, saving the bees is the new catchphrase that is sweeping the nation. Bees have [...]