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Breaking Down The Different Types Of Female Birth Control

Women choose to use birth control for a variety of reasons. With all the medical innovation out there today, there are more types of birth control to choose from than ever. With that in mind, it’s important that you make informed decisions about your health and understand all of your [...]

Stop Normalizing Abortion

We have become desensitized to word “abortion.” Want to know why? We hear the word all the time but never understand what it actually means or what it entails. In fact, we hear the word thrown around so nonchalantly and as if it is not an invasive medical procedure. [...]

5 Health Related New Years Resolutions Every Woman Can Make

The passing of another year signals a time to reflect on your accomplishments, look forward to what’s to come, and to set your goals and intentions for the New Year. For many people, this means deciding on a New Year’s resolution. Health related resolutions are some of the most common [...]

A Day In The Life Of A Service Dog Handler

November of 2016, I welcomed a new treatment plan into my life. She was a 9 week old Golden Retriever, so interested in this new world around her. It is important that society realizes that service dogs are not pets. They are life saving medical devices and deserve respect. I [...]

23 Cancer Terms To Know

Cancer can be scary enough. The words that come with it can be even scarier when you don’t know exactly what they mean. From types of cancer to treatment plans, there can be handfuls of words you have to learn. These words can often feel like just another burden on [...]

4 Empowering Messages For The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Future Female Leaders has always been a source of encouragement, love, and empowerment for conservative women. This October, things are no different. We, as an organization, began the Think Pink campaign during Breast Cancer Awareness Month as an initiative to empower those affected by this disease. All month long, young [...]

A Guide To Cancer Ribbon Colors And What They Represent

The month of October is so important. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness month, and it’s a time where people from all walks of life, political backgrounds, and religious preferences come together in the effort to find a cure. Not only does this month give us the chance to highlight one of [...]

The Progress Of Breast Cancer Research

Many of us are aware that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but few people know the history of this disease. While there is still much to learn about Breast Cancer, we do have the answer to some of the more basic questions. Who first learned about breast cancer? What [...]

What I Learned Training For A Half Marathon In 50 Days

We all make impulsive decisions in our lives. Maybe it’s splurging and spending too much on an annual sale from your favorite store, or buying a fish for your college dorm room before realizing there’s more responsibility in taking care of a fish than the Internet leads you to believ. [...]

5 Top Rated Breast Cancer Charities

In case, you haven’t noticed all the pink around you, October is breast cancer awareness month. While you may wish to show your support for the brave women who will fight breast cancer in their lifetime by purchasing pink products and making donations, you should research where your money will [...]