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A Busy Girl’s Guide To Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

It may seem difficult to find the time to exercise and eat healthy when your schedule is so busy. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be challenging, especially when you have work, school, and your social life to balance. However, incorporating healthy habits into your busy schedule is easier than you [...]

7 Realities Of Late Term Abortions That The Left Won’t Tell You

Late term abortion is a been a crazy-hot topic. Conservatives argue that abortion by any other name is murder.  Liberals taunt around the “women’s body, women’s choice” argument. Despite their good intentions, both Republicans and Democrats seem to be pushing rhetoric. Republicans seem to have inflated the number of late-term [...]

8 Easy Ways To Maintain A Healthy And Balanced Lifestyle

While it's easy to let one thing completely take over your schedule, it's vital to keep a healthy and balanced lifestyle by contributing your time and effort to things that fill different areas of life. Finding this perfect balance is an ongoing learning process, however there are a few guidelines [...]

The Case For Life: What 20 Weeks REALLY Looks Like

The abortion debate has been going on for decades and probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, this generation of millennials has come out strong in fighting for life, and now that we are the ones bringing life into this world, it is our responsibility to ensure that people know [...]

5 Pick-Me-Ups Under $5 For The Sleep Deprived

Ladies, we get it—life is busy. Between receiving an education, working, and maintaining a relationship with family and friends, it’s tough to get an adequate amount of rest. While we should all aim to sleep for the recommended eight hours per night, that’s not always possible, so I’ll share with [...]

How My 7 Year Battle With Illness Shaped My Political Views

Imagine you’re 11 years old. You’re home sick from school for two days due to a cold that is topped with extreme dizziness, lightheaded, and fatigue. The cold eventually goes away, but the other symptoms don’t. Your head feels like a balloon filled with helium. Your muscles feel so weak [...]

5 Things I’ve Learned From Waking Up Earlier

If you’re a busy and striving young woman like me, you’re always looking for ways to improve and, most importantly, get more stuff done. During this semester, I’ve been challenging myself to wake up before I normally would.  Overall, I couldn’t be more pleased with the results. Whether it’s fifteen [...]

7 Ways To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Last year, I decided I was not going to be a statistic and decided to get my lifestyle in check. I joined my local gym and began my lifestyle transformation. I have been working with a personal trainer this past year and it has changed my life. I have inspired [...]

Fighting To Survive: A Story Of A Second Trimester Birth

“He’s going to be born with complications, if he’s even going to make it, which is unlikely. Down syndrome, trisomy 13, these are the realities you’re going to have to face. There is just too much fluid in your placenta, Mrs. Pecher, and at 23 weeks the likelihood of him surviving are slim. We [...]

Why I Chose Life For My Son

You know that girl in your class you always hated because she talked too much and seemed like she wanted to be the one teaching? Well, I was that girl. The “know-it-all” super involved, teacher’s pet with the perfect GPA and the mile and a half long resume that everyone [...]