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7 Conservative Women Share How They Empower Other Conservative Women

This Women’s History Month, FFL is continuing to build up women and give them the resources they need to succeed. On top of this, we’re encouraging our readers to empower others. We reached out to some of the best young conservative women in the movement on what they’re doing to [...]

10 Motivational Quotes From The World’s Most Successful Women

Upon reaching the mid-semester slump, sometimes it can be difficult to pick yourself back up and finish the semester strong. Reading, or learning a bit about strong individuals, especially women, can give me the motivational push I need to do the best that I can. Sharing a piece of their [...]

5 Things You Need In Your Emergency Self-Care Kit

Why is it that if you get a cut or burn, you immediately run to a first aid kit to mend the wound, but when you become emotionally scarred from a traumatic experience, you do not do the same thing? Whether it be from a broken heart or losing a [...]

6 Ways To Make Your Work Space More Productive

Every successful woman has a space that allows her to produce her best work. As you advance in school or your career, it is imperative that you create a work space for yourself that allows the maximum amount of productivity. Whether it be in your office cubicle or in your [...]

How Choosing To Invest In Myself Changed My Life

March is often known for its “madness,” so with this month and the many streams of chaos that seem to come with it, my challenge to you is to love and take care of yourself. In the craziness of life, we often sacrifice our own personal time and needs. We [...]

5 Things Empowered Women Do Differently

Everyone wants to feel more empowered, but not everyone knows how to be empowered. At Future Female Leaders we aim to promote positivity in politics and female empowerment. Women have to take a hold of their own lives and work to be who they want to be. The power to [...]

What Scripture Says About Women

This month is all about women. Lifting them up, empowering them, and reminding them of their worth. As a young woman of God, I’ve found that some of the most empowering words come from the Bible. When people ask me where my confidence comes from, my mind often wanders to [...]

5 Things To Know Before Dating A Girl Boss

It takes a brave man to handle a girlboss. She has so much going on and often appears too busy to date anybody. While she may not be too busy for you, she is definitely too busy for playing games. You won’t find her spending extra time playing hard to [...]

7 Ways to Empower Other Women Today

1) Be A Role Model One of the best ways to empower others is to lead by example. Let them see your confidence and strength and that will encourage them to follow your example. Take this opportunity to be the example you needed at one point in your life. [...]

3 Things A Woman Should Never Compromise

Ladies, in this day and age it is so easy to want to change yourself to fit someone else’s unrealistic quest for perfection. You may think that you aren’t good enough or smart enough. Needless to say, you are wrong! You are beautiful and full of life. You have dreams [...]

Scripture Sunday: Proverbs 31

Conservative women have been put in the hot seat this election cycle. We’ve of course received lots of criticism, name calling, and the majority of feminists believe they have us all figured out. This can be demeaning if you allow it to be – but it’s important to realize whose [...]

25 Ways To Better Your Life Over Spring Break

Spring Break is soon upon us and if you aren’t headed to a beach somewhere, you’re probably trying to come up with things to do to pass the time that aren’t homework or sleep. We can only take so many naps. Who wants to do all their class reading while [...]

KIMBERLY CORBAN: To The Ladies Of Future Female Leaders

I want to take a moment to thank you for all of your love and outpouring of support over the last year. The meet and greet FFL hosted for me at CPAC was overwhelming. It made my heart beyond full to hear how much this message of perseverance has impacted [...]