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10 Reasons To Consider Studying Abroad In Israel

Before we get started here, you need to throw out all of your current judgement and misconceptions about Israel. Israel is a wonderful place for Americans to visit, no matter your religion and background. It’s safe. Courtesy of the author This is the most important thing to [...]

8 Lessons You Learn From Living In A Dorm

Living in a dorm room with a new roommate is one of the most exciting things about going to school away from home. You encounter so many new obstacles and experiences, which can be challenging at times, but overall, worth it. Here are some lessons I learned from the past [...]

5 Resources You Are Not Taking Full Advantage Of

Too often, I see young adults, my peers, cowering away from social interaction. I noticed this shift in how the generations communicate and have since made a conscious effort to seek out new experiences, rather than staying within my comfort zone. Some of the greatest conversations I have had have [...]

25 Empowering Bible Verses For The Young Woman

There is no doubt that the every day woman is faced with a multitude of challenges throughout her life and career. The Word of God speaks to the everyday woman, and His words bring a lot of comfort for when life just simply gets crazy. The following Bible verses will [...]

10 Essentials Every Woman Should Carry In Her Purse

Most of us are very familiar with that heavy feeling when it comes to carrying around our whole lives inside of our bags. While everything else may be neatly squared away, sometimes purses end up getting cluttered. Like most things in life, the way to organize the contents of your [...]

7 Planners To Use This Fall (That Aren’t Totally Basic)

We’re all busy people. No one likes to fall behind on their duties or feel like they forgot something. We turn to agendas, planners, and calendars galore to keep us on track. Though it is still summer, many companies are already releasing their back to school 2017-2018 agendas and we [...]

Scripture Sunday | Ecclesiastes 2:17-24

Recently, the pastor at my church began a sermon series on the book of Ecclesiastes entitled “Our Search for Satisfaction, Meaning, and Significance.” I have always had trouble understanding Ecclesiastes; quite honestly, I found the book to be pessimistic and avoided it in my daily Bible readings. However, after beginning [...]

5 Guilty Pleasure Podcasts For The Girl In Her 20s

I love politics, but sometimes I need a break. There is nothing I love more than a good non-political podcast. I listen to podcasts when I get ready in the mornings, when I go on walks, when I’m driving to and from work, and sometimes even as I’m getting ready [...]

13 Laptop Stickers For The Empowered Woman

Every young woman loves stickers. They are essential for laptop and water bottle decoration. If you’re anything like me, you take out your laptop each day and look at your stickers for inspiration and motivation to be a girl boss. This also means that you’re constantly searching for new stickers [...]

5 Patriotic Recipes For Your Fourth Of July Festivities

The Fourth of July has become one of the most festive and celebrated holidays of the year around the United States – and for good reason. On July 4th, 1776, America gained its independence from the British Empire and declared the thirteen colonies to be a new nation. In 2017, [...]

7 Things Sorority Women Would Like You to Know

Today’s society and the media often preach against the perpetuating of group stereotypes. However, one group is often excluded from this narrative: sorority women.   Television shows and movies have long portrayed women in sororities as wealthy party girls who fail their classes and attend college for fun. For those [...]

How Feminism Has Lost Its Way

Women have changed quite a bit over the past one hundred years - from gaining the right to vote to higher participation in the workforce. Today, women have many more opportunities to attend college, find jobs, and participate in traditionally male activities. I recently finished ABC’s The Astronaut Wives Club, [...]

Advice To My Younger Self: Everything Happens For A Reason

It is inevitable to experience certain instances of failure or disappointment. As a human being, it goes without saying that you cannot always get your way. Perhaps the most astounding thing about this reality is how rewarding it can ultimately be for your future. Whether it be that job you [...]