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Girls State: What Is It And Why You Should Go

If you are currently a junior in high school and looking for a great way to learn about politics, look no further. Girls State is a week long camp sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary. It is an awesome way to meet new people, and to learn about politics and [...]

Bible Journaling For Beginners: 3 Tips To Get Started

If you’re on Pinterest or Instagram, you’ve probably seen the latest trend: Bible Journaling. Bible journaling is exactly as it sounds, taking a verse and turning it into a creative and unique piece of art. It’s a great and relaxing way to start your morning or end your night. Bible [...]

Let’s Talk Expectations

Expectations. The one word that can subconsciously run our lives. Parents, friends, peers, significant others, and professors all expect something from us, and we feel like we have to meet or exceed their expectations flawlessly. We’ve all felt the pressure at one point or another. We’ve felt like we had [...]

10 Daily Affirmations Of A Successful Woman

Starting your day off right is so essential if you want to have a good day. I cannot stress enough the importance of having a positive mindset. Every day is a fresh start. The way that you start your day has a huge impact on your success throughout the rest of [...]

Scripture Sunday | Psalms 33:12

Luke 1:26-38 is about foretold the birth of Christ. The passage explains that when the angel Gabriel appeared to the virgin Mary, she was deeply puzzled over how she would conceive a child. The angel Gabriel explained The Lord had highly favored her, and Mary agreed to carry the son [...]

50 Simple Ways To Conquer Your Anxiety

Anxiety can be crippling, exhausting, and painful. The key to conquering your anxiety is to find a coping mechanism that works for you. Some things may increase your anxiety, and finding something that works will be a trial and error situation. There are so many things to try. Not everything will [...]

No, You’re Not Crazy

I wish I could tell you the number of times I’ve gotten a text from a friend with some version of “am I crazy for …” They go into a story about how their ex boyfriend’s new girlfriend followed them on Twitter and they’re upset. Maybe they met a cute boy, [...]

Yes, I Am Privileged And So Are You

We live in the United States of America, but if you watched the news recently, you would think we were living under Sharia law with the amount of people saying we’re oppressed. What I think we oftentimes forget is how lucky we are to live in this country. I’m about [...]

7 Ways To Start Your Week Off With Confidence

As January comes to a close and new year resolutions seem to get harder with each day, I urge you to commit to one thing that will enhance your entire life, confidence. As future female leaders, we need to have the confidence to conquer the world. While we all would [...]

11 Ways To Increase Your Social Media Following

The world is increasingly dominated by social media. If you’re a young writer, artist, content producer, or business woman, you are no doubt reliant on social media to get your message out. Even everyday people use social media to spread messages they care about and make connections in our increasingly [...]

7 Easy Side Hustles You Can Start This Weekend

It seems nowadays everyone has to have a “side hustle.” Whether you need some extra money to help pay the bills, or just want the extra cash to attend your favorite music festivals, here are 7 side hustle ideas that aren’t your normal part time jobs. Become a [...]

To the Girl Who Is Afraid to Speak Her Mind

As a fairly conservative student who attends a school where over 70% of the student body identifies with the Democratic Party, and living  in a city where 80% of registered voters are Democrats, I know how it feels to be afraid to say what’s on my mind. I’m constantly considering [...]