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25 Free Things To Do In Washington DC This Summer

It is every politico’s dream to be in the nation’s capital for the summer, whether that’s for an internship, a local conference, or just a visit. However, you want to be smart about how you are spending your time and money and get the most out of the city that [...]

5 Reasons To Love Being A Woman In The United States

As a woman in the America, there are so many opportunities each and every day that we can benefit from. We have the ability to make our own choices and find passions that interest us most. We truly are presented with limitless opportunities. Here is why I love being a woman [...]

7 Shows Hulu Has That Netflix Doesn’t

Netflix or Hulu? Some of us might have the luxury of having both at our fingertips, but our loyalty lies with one or the other. They both offer things the other one doesn't. Here are 7 shows that you can only watch on Hulu:   1) The Mindy Project The [...]

20 Best Girl Boss Quotes For Your Instagram Caption

 A girl boss is a woman who is in charge of her own life.  She's confident, hard-working, and inspires those around her.  Here are 20 girl boss quotes for your Instagram caption to capture your most accomplishing and achieving moments. If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit. [...]

5 Habits Practiced By Happy And Positive People

Unhappiness in life can come in many forms. Maybe you’re unhappy with your position at work, your environment, or just in a slump with your everyday life. It is crucial to start putting your happiness first. I can attest to the fact that nothing good has ever come from stagnancy [...]

8 Podcasts To Subscribe To ASAP

For some reason, podcasts are becoming the THING right now. According to Edison Research, as of early 2016, one in five Americans was listening to a podcast every month. That’s some serious listening. Serial absolutely started a renewal of interest in podcasts, but even two years later, podcasts are still [...]

Scripture Sunday: Resurrection Sunday

Today, Resurrection, or Easter Sunday, is the day Christians commemorate the resurrection of Jesus the Messiah, the Lamb of God, the Christ. According to the Bible, Jesus is both fully God and fully human, sent to earth to pay the penalty for the sins of the world. The historical account [...]

10 Times Women Changed Military History

Though the military is typically seen as a male-dominated occupation and lifestyle, women throughout history have proved that stereotype to be false. Hundreds of years ago, it was forbidden for women to serve in noncombat positions. Nowadays, it isn’t unusual to see a woman to set her pursuits on military [...]

Scripture Sunday | John 15:19

It feels as though almost every day we wake up, turn on the news, and see another tragic incident unfold before our eyes. From shootings to terrorist attacks, we live in a very broken world. Christians can take heart in the fact that while we may temporarily live in this [...]

6 Monthly Book Subscription Boxes To Join This Month

Subscription boxes are all the rage right now, especially because people love getting surprises in the mail. There are subscription boxes for everything you could think of, including jewelry, candles, lotion, snacks, stationery, and more. One of the most exciting sides of subscription boxes, and a growing industry, is book [...]

5 Women Of The Past Who Women Can Thank Today

Today, women in America have the freedom to live the life we choose. This liberty did not come without the hard work and sacrifice of countless women who fought for our equal rights. Here are just five of many women who women today have to thank. 1) Susan [...]