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5 Things We Can Learn From The Life Of Lilly Pulitzer

I’m sure if you clicked on this article you are just as obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer as the next girl. Lilly Pulitzer speaks volumes of class, elegance, and pure happiness. Since I can remember, I have always wanted to be dressed in Lilly. But who was the actual Lilly Pulitzer? [...]

4 Things You’re Probably Forgetting in Your Monthly Budget

Now that I'm a real functioning adult, I've decided to start budgeting. I tried a bunch of software, some templates, a book, all that jazz, on the subject. After noting the differences and similarities, I realized that a lot of young adults are leaving things out of their monthly budgets and that is [...]

A Step-by-Step Guide To Using Your Planner This Year

It’s a tale as old as time: your new planner arrives in the mail in July and you start filling it out immediately. This year, your plan is to never miss a homework assignment or forget about a meeting. Then Fall Break rolls around and you realize you’ve barely touched [...]

5 Best Self Defense Products For Women

As women, we are, more often that not, smaller than the average man and if you're like me, much less strong in the conventional ways. I'm certainly not alone in that, and there's a reason that more and more women are getting into self defense. Of course, self defense can take many different forms. In [...]

9 Questions To Ask Before Moving Into A New Apartment

Moving into a new apartment, especially your first apartment, is a big deal. For many, it might be your first time living on your own or your first step into adulthood. With that in mind, you want to go into it with as much information as humanely possible. If you're [...]

7 Simple Ways To Be More Sustainable Every Day

One of my least favorite lies floating out there in the ether is that conservatives don’t care about the environment. That’s just not true. I know there are things I could do every day to be a more sustainable person, but I’m definitely making consistent strides to decreasing my carbon [...]

7 Items Every Coffee Addict Needs Right Now

Being addicted to coffee is an absolute lifestyle. For me, it started with Starbucks. While I know many of my fellow coffee lovers are coffee snobs, I'm more of a coffee connoisseur and like to live the lifestyle as frequently as I can. That means a lot of bells and [...]

13 Patriotic Ways to Celebrate America This Fourth of July

Take a trip to see the original documents Our country was founded on the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. At the National Archives in Washington DC you can see the real, original copies of all three. Volunteer at your neighborhood fair KATHARINE SCHROEDER FILE [...]