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RED Friday: What It Is And Why You Should Participate

With the anniversary of the birth of our nation, the Fourth of July, quickly approaching you’ll likely want to begin showing your patriotism. Many do this with red, white, and blue apparel, or flags displayed at their home. Others pull out their festive hats and even swimwear. Around the Fourth [...]

A Broke Girl’s Guide To Traveling On A Budget

Watching Instagram stories of your friends at the beach or by the pool can definitely have you itching to go on a vacation this summer. Maybe you've seen your favorite lifestyle blogger visit Maldives and it has you day dreaming of a glamorous vacation to somewhere new and different? How [...]

4 Ways To Volunteer During Summer Break

Summer break. The time of year you look forward to all spring semester. The only problem is, there is not much to do - unless you are working or taking summer classes. This is where volunteer work comes in. Volunteering is a critical part of a community, so why not [...]

12 Of The Most Colorful And Inspiring Kate Spade Quotes

NOTE: All graphics used in this article are original creations by the author Last week, the world lost one of our most beloved designers. A woman who most of us remember for designing our first grown up handbag. Kate Spade left the world through a tragic suicide.  We will miss [...]

8 Ways To Be More Environmentally Conscious

Caring about the environment tends to be associated with liberal and democratic ideologies. Why? Caring about the world we live in shouldn’t be a partisan issue. People of all ages tend to associate being environmentally conscious as one of two things: being an extreme hippie who doesn’t keep themselves clean, [...]

4 Best Planners For The Girl On The Go

Planners are such an amazing way to get organized, get your life together, and to make sure that you never miss another assignment, deadline, or coffee date again. While there are countless planners all over the place, there are a few planners that are staples for every girl who needs [...]

5 Female Fitness Myths Debunked

I was recently in the gym, squatting like so, when a man approached me and said, “Wow, you are really part of the boy’s club now!” Knock knock. Reality check. Personal fitness is an affiliate for women, too, if not a friend. This friend should be there to inspire us, [...]

7 Patriotic Tattoos That Are Easy To Hide

Once upon a time tattoos were a rarity and almost considered a taboo in the corporate world. Luckily, we’ve since moved passed the tattoo controversy and they are much more widely accepted. However, many offices still expect them to be covered up for work and formal social events. This makes [...]

6 Things To Do For Memorial Day In Washington DC

Are you spending Memorial Day in our nation’s capital? Already know what you’re doing? great! If not, here’s some tips of what to do and some tips and tricks for having a wonderful day. Attend the National Memorial Day Parade The parade of marching bands, floats, performers, and veterans will [...]

12 Items Every Woman Should Have At Her Desk At Work

While we should all strive for healthy work-life balance, it is a simple fact that if you work an office job, you’ll probably spend a good amount of time at your desk.  It doesn’t have to be a drag though. There are some items that can make your desk job [...]

How Bad Habits Are Holding You Back From Success

We all develop bad habits that impact our decisions on a daily basis. Whether you are an impulse shopper, binge eater, compulsive liar or you are involved in a relationship that frankly shouldn’t be long term, all our bad habits hold us back from living a more productive lifestyle.  Why [...]

5 Types of Apps Every Woman Should Have On Her Phone

It’s 2018. We’re all glued to our phones, but it’s important that we make our phones work for us. They need to be tools to make our lives easier, not just something to use in order to procrastinate. Here are 5 types of apps every woman should have on her [...]