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Your Go To Guide For Political Vocabulary

When it comes to political activism, it is important to be educated. Unfortunately, there are hundreds of terms to understand and even the seasoned activists sometimes need to pull out their cell phone and look up definitions. . Luckily, FFL has you covered and put all the important ones right [...]

Congratulations, Hillary Clinton! You Just Fooled America

Last night, Queen H clinched the DNC’s nomination for president of the United States, and I would like to congratulate her. Congratulations, Hillary Clinton.  You’ve held a variety of positions; U.S. Senator, First Lady, Secretary of State. With all of these titles and no accomplishments to speak of, I can’t [...]

8 Ways To Make The Most Of Your Internship

Finals have finally freed us from their grasp and it is time to start focusing on what comes after that last Spring final. No, not afternoons lounging by the pools or running around with high school friends you haven’t seen in centuries, I’m talking what happens when you go off [...]

The Importance Of Role Models For Conservative Women

In a world of so many differing opinions and personalities, it can be tough to find your niche. No matter what path you are on, there will always be uncertainties and times when you aren’t as confident as you’d like. While it may not seem like it, faltering is a [...]

5 Major Misconceptions About Donald J. Trump

On June 16th 2016, Donald J. Trump officially declared his pursuit for the highest office in the land. With a track record in the business world, from multi-million dollar real estate projects to a  popular reality TV show, Trump’s background would be a first for the White House. Trump frequently lacks [...]

10 Movies That Have Hidden Conservative Values

Our top ten favorite movies that get our conservative hearts to smile because a movie that came out of the liberal think tank that is Hollywood is rarely on our side of aisle. 10. Forrest Gump (1994) Rated PG-13: Forrest Gump is the story of a guy who, as a [...]

Breaking Down 2016: New York Primary

After several boring days of no primaries to occupy our minds, the New York Primary finally popped onto our calendars and gave us something to stress about all day. Like every single primary before it, New York claimed to be THE primary of the race. It did follow a steady [...]

7 Reasons Why Conservative Ladies Love Paul Ryan

As the 54th Speaker of the House of Representatives, it is undeniable that Paul Ryan holds a great amount of power and influence. Despite the important role that Ryan plays in American government, he is also extremely down to earth and charming. There are 7 specific reasons why us conservative [...]

7 Ways To Offend A College Student (Not Like It Is Hard These Days)

We all know that on college campuses, the opinions of liberals are loud and clear. The Left’s agenda is constantly being pushed on college students. Cases of left-wing indoctrination are reported on a daily basis. When it comes to sharing conservative views on campus, liberal students won’t have it. College campuses [...]

NEWS FLASH: Disliking Hillary Clinton DOES NOT Make Me Sexist

Everyone who is #ReadyforHillary has decided that it is their mission to challenge and thwart anyone who is not ready for Hillary, and they attempt to do this by highlighting the one thing Hillary Clinton cannot control: her gender. If you speak out against Hillary, whether it is her policy [...]

5 Fields More Conservatives Should Enter

I, for one, am absolutely tired of hearing people complain about their liberal professors, the liberal media, liberal actors, et cetera, and then do nothing about it. As conservatives, there are career fields that we are outnumbered in. Accepting it as fact and complaining about it is not the answer, [...]

5 Ways To Find A Charity You Love To Volunteer For

Simply put, volunteer work seeks to solve a problem. It’s rewarding and helps people who are in genuine need. While volunteering is great in any form, when you find a charity you truly love and have a passion for, it becomes much more fulfilling and easier to form relationships with [...]