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Breaking Down 2016: FL, IL, MO, NC & OH

Yesterday, faithful voters in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina, Ohio and Missouri took to the polls to show their preference in the ongoing presidential primary process. This primary comes just after the DC Primary and a little less than a week after the controversy over Donald Trump having to cancel a [...]

OPINION: 10 Reasons Why We Don’t Need Modern Feminism

Modern-day feminists are the first ones to tell us how much we need them to succeed. As strong conservative women, however, we know that we can accomplish our goals independently and that we do not need a social movement to empower us. There are 10 specific reasons why we would [...]

7 Things You Need To Know About Hillary’s Emails

There’s a lot of talk going on about Hillary Clinton’s email scandal and questions abound on whether she will be indicted or not. While we wait for an official answer on that, here are 7 things you need to know about Hillary’s email scandal. 1. Everything she did was not [...]

PSA: The Constitution Doesn’t Protect Feelings

Society becomes more and more politically correct by the second. Despite the fact that a huge majority of society is concerned with being PC, many people still cling to the Constitution. Ask almost any American and they will tell you that they’re fiercely patriotic and that they love the Constitution [...]

How To Find A Conservative Guy In 10 Days

If you are anything like me, then every once in awhile you think about your future and what it will look like. For me, a lot of that revolves around the lucky fella I’ll marry one day. Of course I’m nowhere near ready to get married, but there are certain [...]

10 Hillary Clinton Quotes You Will Not Believe

1. “Most importantly, I never sent classified material on my email and I never received any that was marked classified.” This statement is completely false. The State Department claimed that some of her emails were “too damaging” to release and that they contained “Top Secret” material.   2. “Was it [...]

Breaking Down 2016: Mississippi, Hawaii, Idaho & Michigan

Last night, voters in Idaho, Mississippi, Michigan and Hawaii cast their votes for the 2016 nominations, marking the second election since Ben Carson dropped out, leaving us with only four Republicans in the race and the two Democrats. This past weekend, Puerto Rico also voted, awarding their delegates to [...]

5 Ways To Think Positive In Your Daily Life

There are so many things that can cause us to get down on ourselves. Grades, homework, relationship drama, politics, and more. In the midst of primary season, you could spend hours on behalf of your candidate phone banking and block walking. After volunteering your time for a cause you're passionate [...]

OPINION: I Am A Republican Against The Death Penalty

When I first became interested in politics I was an avid supporter of the death penalty. I believed an eye for an eye. I thought that only the most heinous crimes put the death penalty on the table. I also had the assumption that execution would save taxpayers more money [...]

What Safe Spaces Teach College Students: Nothing

In short: nothing. On college campuses nationwide, there is a demand for “safe spaces” on college campuses. These “safe spaces” are places that are free from diverse thought; a place where college students can go to get away from those with a differing opinion that may be seen as “offensive.” [...]