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Eva Stories Shows The Holocaust Through Instagram

“Hi, my name is Eva. Welcome to my page.” With eight words, a young Jewish girl hooks you into her story. Eva Heyman welcomes you to her page with vlog-like videos, all-too-familiar Boomerangs, and hashtags. She films herself purposely bumping into her crush at an ice cream stand. Then, it [...]

The Ultimate Summer Reading List For The Conservative Woman

Summer time is the perfect time to pick up a great book and expand your horizons. Whether it's building your confidence in your professional development or being a conservative woman, here are 11 books to devour during your time at the beach, traveling, and everything in between this summer. Sisters [...]

The Easiest Lie To Tell

My dad has given me a lot of advice throughout my life. Like most girls growing up, I didn’t listen to as much of it as I probably should have. But one thing he told me that has stuck with me is that the easiest lie to tell someone is [...]

4 Things I Learned From Living In DC For A Semester

Moving to DC can be very intimidating. Depending on where you’re coming from, it may be a huge change when it comes to city size, tempo, and culture. When I moved I had a few ideas of what it would be like, but I was pretty unsure of what exactly [...]

PODCAST REVIEW: Unfit to Print With Amber Athey

If you're the kind of person who is constantly complaining to your friends about actual fake news or insane media bias, boy have I got the podcast for you. Unfit to Print, a new podcast from host Amber Athey, tackles media misinformation, fake news, editorializing in the name of facts, [...]

Joe Biden’s 12 Worst Gaffes

Joe Biden has officially announced his candidacy for President of the United States. Joe Biden is a man that is no stranger to controversy especially when it involves himself. From his overly-touchy demeanor to him dropping out of the 1988 Presidential Election because of accusations of plagiarism. Here, I am [...]

A Conservative Case For Cannabis

I’m a straight-edge conservative girl. In college, I was given the position of pro-legalization of marijuana for a persuasive paper. I was a “tough on crime” Republican. There was no way I was going to actually believe what I was writing, until I found myself learning more, agreeing, and writing [...]

How I Almost Dated A Socialist

I live in Socialism Sucks t-shirts. One of the posters in my room clearly says that “Commies aren’t cool” and my social media pages are littered with pictures of me in a MAGA hat. I am obviously, to anyone that meets me, a conservative. Despite how involved politics is in [...]

Washington State Introduces A Bill To Abolish Abortion

Rep. Matt Shea (R-Spokane Valley)  has recently filed House Bill 2154 which, if passed and signed into law, would abolish abortion in the state of Washington. This bill is known as the “Abolition of Abortion in Washington Act.” The bill underwent it’s initial reading on March 21st according to KHQ [...]