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I Am A 20 Something Woman, Here’s Why I Joined The NRA

To begin this article, I had originally planned on starting with some examples of how NRA members have been portrayed in the media and social media sites over the past few months, but many are too vulgar to repeat. Quite frankly, I am ashamed that many are unable or unwilling [...]

I Did Because I Could

“You would.” I’ve heard those two words so many times, I’ve lost count. Why, you ask? Because I’ve done a lot of crazy things in my short life. When I was a teenager, I saved up money and went backpacking through Italy with my best friend (totally dangerous but totally [...]

11 Laptop Stickers For The Freedom Loving Woman

There is no such thing as too many stickers, especially when it comes to our laptops. Stickers give us a way to express ourselves, and thankfully, the internet is full of stickers that every freedom loving woman will love. Here are 11 favorites: The Parks & Rec meets reality sticker: [...]

10 Myths About Guns Spread During March For Our Lives

This past weekend, I curiously followed the various March for Our Lives events across the country to develop a general understanding of the types of policies these marchers were really advocating for. Unsurprisingly, I noticed a couple recurring themes. Most of the protesters' interviews, signs, and posts either lacked any [...]

4 Movies The Reagans Loved That You Can Watch Today

The Reagans were emblematic of a great marriage. They are also two individuals we miss dearly to this day, but their visions and their impact on the world lives on. The latest impact of their time in the White House has manifested in Mark Weinberg’s book, Movie Nights with the [...]

8 Things Everyone Should Do At The End Of Every Month

We all live busy lives, and we want to make them as simple as possible where we can. Whenever a new month starts, we are left reeling over how fast (or slow) the previous month went and forced to prepare for the month ago. However, I’ve learned that there are [...]

A Conservative’s Guide To The Environment

“We are the party of America’s growers, producers, farmers, ranchers, foresters, miners, commercial fishermen, and all those who bring from the earth the crops, minerals, energy, and the bounties of our seas that are the lifeblood of our economy."  RNC 2016 Platform In recent year, even decades, the conversations around [...]

34 Senate Seats Up For Re-Election This November

The 2018 midterm elections have largely been characterized as a test of the traditional two-party political system in America. More specifically, this election year will largely be viewed as a test of the viability of the Republican Party, and President Trump. There are 34 Senate seats up for reelection this [...]