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I Support Strict Border Control. That Doesn’t Make Me Racist.

Racist. Xenophobic. Bigot. I’m tired of hearing these words thrown around haphazardly whenever someone advocates for strong border control. Because the truth is this: national origin is irrelevant. A person who unlawfully enters this country has chosen to disregard our laws and standards. According to the US Department of Justice [...]

18 Most Heartwarming News Stories Of 2018

As we reflect on 2018, a lot of people are looking at what went wrong, politically, personally, perhaps even environmentally or in the way humans interacted with each other. To be sure, some terrible things happened in 2018 on a global level, in the United States, and perhaps even in [...]

10 FFL Items That You Need For Spring Semester

Spring semester is quickly approaching for high school and college students, and while we’re organizing our planners and textbooks, it’s also time to think about freshening up our wardrobe and school supplies. Spring semester means warmer weather, cooler nights and lots of time spent outdoors. Here are some of the [...]

5 Conservative Women You Need To Hear Speak At Least Once

Kayleigh McEnany Kayleigh McEnany is a former CNN contributor, calling herself the “Juan Williams of CNN.” In 2017, she was appointed the National Spokesperson for the Republican National Committee. She holds a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. Kayleigh has a very powerful success story that is very touching to [...]

20 New Year’s Resolutions That Are Actually Doable

The New Year is a great time to make resolutions. However, most of the time when people make resolutions, they are not realistic. Because of this, people typically do not follow through with their resolutions. Small life changes are easier than big changes life, and can lead to bigger life [...]

9 Pawsitively Perfect Gifts For Your Furry Friend

When you're young and unmarried, who do you shop for but your pet? Okay, maybe that's not necessarily the case for everyone, but Christmas is always a great time to give a gift to your furry friend or your scaly friend or your prickly friend, depending on whether your pet is a dog, [...]

5 Things I Learned About America from Living Abroad

Ask anyone what tops their bucket list and most will say ‘study abroad’ or something of the like. I am one of those people and I am writing today to talk about what I would consider a very unique experience of my time living abroad for four months. As part [...]

Martha McSally Appointed To Fill John McCain’s Senate Seat

Despite coming in a very close second in the November midterm election, Rep. Martha McSally, a former fighter pilot in the military, will be headed to the Senate after all. When Senator John McCain died in August, Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced that former Senator Jon Kyl would fill his [...]

The Case for Paying Interns

Internships, while always a hot topic for college students, has risen to prominence in the news cycle as of late. In early 2018, the Department of Labor changed their policy surrounding unpaid internships in for-profit companies. More recently, congressional funds were set aside for the 2019 fiscal year to allow [...]