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11 Political TV Shows To Binge Watch

With summer coming up and finals coming to an end, the season of spending hours on end watching TV shows is upon us. Often times we spend more time trying to find a show than actually watching it, which gets exhausting. If you didn’t already have enough shows to watch [...]

4 Tips To Help You Phone Bank Like a Pro

The 2016 election cycle has come and gone and people are already talking about 2018. With every seat in the House of Representatives up for grabs, a third of the Senate and dozens of gubernatorial and local races, the stakes could not be higher. In 2016, Republicans have managed to [...]

The Quiet Power Of Ivanka Trump

Before even gaining an official role in the White House, Ivanka Trump has had quite the influence over her father’s administration. Advocating for policies concerning working women, Ivanka’s work and views have clearly challenged the way her father, President Trump, may have thought about certain issues. A recent POLITICO report [...]

The Problem With Modern Feminism

The primary and most literal definition of feminism is “the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes.” According to the Huffington Post, more than 80% of Americans believe in equality of the sexes, however only 23% of American women consider themselves feminists. Over the past decade [...]

10 Young Conservative Women To Watch

The conservative movement is full of bright young stars. With the kind of talent we’ve got now, we will be strong for years to come. While the liberals are planning to run 60 and 70 year olds for office, we have a plethora of individuals under 40 who will no [...]

Yes, I Am A Millennial And Yes, I Am A Conservative

I am a millennial. Like most of my peers, I own a smartphone, am active on social media, and spend more time watching television and Netflix than I should. Unlike a majority of my fellow millennials, I am a Republican. Recently, a Pew Research Study discovered that among millennials, 51% [...]

5 Lessons Conservative Women Can Learn From Nikki Haley

As a former governor of South Carolina and now making a name for herself at the United Nations, Nikki Haley exemplifies what it is to be a strong conservative woman. Here are five lessons we can learn from her: 1) Take advantage of your strengths Today, many people see Nikki Haley [...]

The Podcast Every Politico Should Start Their Morning With

Everyone’s morning routine could use a little shaking up every now and then. If you’re a young and aspiring politico trying to keep up with what is going on in the world, I’ve got the perfect shake up for you. NPR’s new podcast “Up First” will get your started with [...]

8 Graduation Caps For The Conservative Woman

With graduation right around the corner, a lot of us are scrambling to figure out how we want to make a statement on our graduation cap. It needs to be cute and classy while making a statement about your time in school and who you are. If you’re a fierce [...]

Activism Needs More Than Protests To Be Successful

Activism has become increasingly popular, especially among millennials, as a result of this past election year. While it’s great to see so many people taking action for causes they care about, real change doesn’t just come from protests, a growing form of “activism.” It’s true that signing a petition is not [...]

4 News And Commentary Shows That Fox News Should Pick Up

It’s no secret that many conservative politicos are a little addicted to Fox News. From “Fox and Friends” to “The Five” to “The Greg Gutfeld Show,” Fox already has tons of awesome shows – but these are four new ideas that might make the channel even better.  West Wing News [...]

Liberals Are All For Empowering Women, Until They Disagree With Them

Women have been supporting other women for decades. In 2017, it is the trendy thing to do, that is, if you agree with every left-wing policy that liberals dictate. Liberals are all for supporting and celebrate a woman…unless she is conservative. What makes a female with conservative viewpoints [...]