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4 Book Genres Every Young Woman Should Be Reading

If you are a true book lover, you know that you don’t have to read just one book at a time, and you are always looking for an excuse to read multiple books at once. Even if you aren’t a huge reader, there are four genres of books that I [...]

The World of Politics is Changing And Conservatives Must Keep Up

It’s no secret and is practically a cliché that technology rules in this day in age, and the realm of politics is not an exception. During the 2018 midterm campaigns, use of social media by political candidates absolutely exploded. Texas Senate candidate Beto O’Rourke quickly became Twitter’s sweetheart, and since [...]

10 Ron Swanson Quotes That Describe How All Conservatives Feel

On the television show, Parks and Recreation, there is a character named Ron Swanson.  He is the director of Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department, but he is also a pro-America, pro-limited government libertarian, which automatically makes him one of my favorite characters.  Throughout the show, he has some great lines [...]

What’s Next In The Shutdown Saga? Let’s Break It Down

Government shutdowns are not all that uncommon, but they are often controversial and complex. It’s important to know the facts about the current shutdown, which has become the third-longest shutdown in United States history. How did the shutdown start? Late in 2018, both the House and Senate began to scramble [...]

The Ultimate 2019 Bachelor Premiere Exercise Game

The Bachelor is back and even though it's winter, you can bet people are going to be getting hot, and heavy, on screen. Why not break a sweat yourself? I started tricking myself into getting in a work out while watching guilty pleasures shows like the Bachelor and I've never looked back. It's a [...]

5 GOP Women To Watch In The 116th Congress

On January 3rd, the 116th Congress of the United States was sworn in. It has been well publicized that this is the most diverse class of all time, with female representation up 22% from the 115th Congress. Several Republican women have already been named to crucial leadership posts and others [...]

A Conservative Case For Better Mental Health Care

As ambitious young women, it is natural for everyone to get a little stressed. For some people, this is the time of year when episodes of anxiety and depression hit. Addressing these issues can be uncomfortable, but in this time of year it is more important than ever that we [...]

I Support Strict Border Control. That Doesn’t Make Me Racist.

Racist. Xenophobic. Bigot. I’m tired of hearing these words thrown around haphazardly whenever someone advocates for strong border control. Because the truth is this: national origin is irrelevant. A person who unlawfully enters this country has chosen to disregard our laws and standards. According to the US Department of Justice [...]