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10 Things You Shouldn’t Do After A Break Up

Breakups are hard on all of us, whether you were only together for a short while or a decade, whether it was mutual or one of you was stepping out on the side. Feeling emotional turbulence after a breakup is totally reasonable. It doesn’t make you crazy. However, some people [...]

Thank You, Mom and Dad, For The Tough Love

Thank you for pushing my limits. As a child I never quite understood why you'd always set the bar, what seemed to be, just a little too high for me to reach. As a young adult it finally makes sense. You knew what I was capable of and wanted me [...]

9 Holiday Dates To Go On That Won’t Break The Bank

Having a boyfriend or girlfriend can be expensive at times.  You both want to do so many things and go so many different places that it all adds up and can cost a bundle. Christmas is even worse because there are so many more opportunities and festive places to go that can [...]

GIFT GUIDE: 8 Christmas Gifts For Your Republican Boyfriend

Christmas is quickly approaching, and the hardest person on your list to buy for just might be your Republican boyfriend. No matter how much time you spend together or how much you know about him, figuring out the perfect gift can always be a challenge. Don’t worry, we have you covered [...]

8 Ways To Avoid Conflict With Your Roommate

Whether you’re rooming with your best friend or a stranger, it’s no secret that college roommates can be precarious. Adjusting to a new school, coursework, and living environment can be an overwhelming to say the least. Rooming with others isn’t always an ideal situation, but these tips can make it [...]

6 Things I’ve Learned From Having A Liberal Best Friend

Who says a conservative and a liberal can’t be best friends? Most people wouldn’t think so.  I wouldn’t trade my best friend — who is a liberal — for anything. I’m sure people think how can you have a best friend who has such different values than you? We may [...]

Your Guide For Talking Politics With Family This Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving – a time for family, food, and uncomfortable conversations. If you have a large family gathering during this holiday, you know that this is when many differing opinions collide. While you may try your best to avoid it, it somehow comes up year after year. With the 2016 [...]

To The Woman With A Waiting Heart

When you’re single, it can seem like everyone is either in a relationship or overly-eager to get into one. It can be exhausting when family asks you at every year at a holiday get-together if you have a boyfriend and the answer is always “no." While this all may seem [...]

6 Things I’ve Learned From Dating A Democrat

As young conservative women on liberal college campuses, the probability is high that we will be forced to confront what once might have been our worst nightmare: dating a Democrat. Fear not ladies. You do not have to throw your principles away just to go on a date with a [...]