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7 Lessons I Learned From My Past Relationship

My last relationship made me a better person, but it also showed me that I deserve better. I spent just over a year in a relationship that completely changed who I was. I've learned so many valuable lessons and I'd like to pass them a long to you! 1. Be [...]

10 Ways To Avoid Being The Worst Roommate Ever

Not only is adjusting to college hard - but so is adjusting to life with a roommate - one that is not your sibling or family member.  You soon find that everyone has been raised differently.  Instead of using this as a source of hostility, let it be a learning [...]

4 Things You Need To Know If You’re An Introverted Woman

Being an introverted woman undeniably has its perks – we are strong, independent-minded women after all.  Both introverted and extroverted women have their strengths and weaknesses and it’s vital to be aware of both. While we should embrace our introverted side, there are a few things to keep in mind [...]

4 Things To Remember When Living With A Liberal Roommate

As the new semester is beginning to ramp up and moving into dorms, apartments, and houses commences, so does the awkward encounter of having a roommate who do not share the same perspectives as you do. Personally, I had first hand experience with this, as my roommate was a Bernie [...]

13 Reasons I’m Thankful For My Break Up

I already know what you’re expecting, but allow me to dispel your fears: I’m not here to bash my ex. A break up is hard. There’s no two ways about it. When you think you’re going to spend the rest of your life with someone and then things don’t work [...]

A Letter To My Mom As I Leave For College

Dear Mommy, I once read an article that had an analogy about a mason jar and a whole bunch of marbles (940 to be exact). Each marble represents a week and the mason jar holds the marbles. Each week that goes by, you take one of the marbles out and [...]

6 Relationship Deal Breakers Almost Every Conservative Woman Has

As conservative women we are driven, passionate and incredibly goal-oriented. We pride ourselves in our core beliefs and values.  When pursuing romantic relationships, we expect those same values in him. Other than dating men who obviously rage like W, dress like JFK, and think like Reagan, this article will go [...]

5 Reasons You Need To Keep Your Liberal Best Friend

Throughout high school, the majority of my friends classified themselves as liberal. In fact, the majority of my school seemed to identify as liberal. Despite disagreeing on many issues, there is still room in the world for both conservatives and liberals to get along. We must learn to work together. Here [...]

3 Reasons Why Having A Mentor Is So Important

When you hear the word mentor what do you think of? Call me a nerd, but personally,  whenever I hear the word “mentor” an image of Harry Potter and Dumbledore pops into my head -- working together to defeat evil. Through training, expertise, and support, Dumbledore used his experience to [...]

8 Ways To Win Over A Conservative Woman

Winning over a conservative woman can be harder than it looks.  We want to date a guy who knows about current events so we can talk to someone about them. Us conservative ladies want to date a guy who has his life together because with all the conferences we go [...]

10 Things You Should Do After A Break Up

Break ups are a part of life, but they're almost never easy - we all know that.  As hard as it might be, it's best to have yourself a good little cry, then focus on the positives in your life and try to move on.  We have gathered the 10 [...]