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If You Question These 6 Things, Break Up With Him

There is no denying that a relationship can be difficult. It is even harder, though, when you constantly question how genuine it is. If you ask yourself these 6 questions, it might be time to let go of your relationship and move on. 1. “Why does he not care about [...]

14 Things To Know Before Getting Engaged

While love is a driving force, and it can cure all things, there are still many things that you should consider before taking that next step. Use this list as a starting point to help hit those hot-button topics. 1. Do you really love him, or do you [...]

An Open Letter To My Liberal Friend: I Still Love You

To my wonderful liberal friend, I love you to death, but sometimes the things you say really drive me crazy. Sometimes I find it hard to believe that we are even friends. We are such different people with hardly any beliefs in common. I love going to the shooting range, [...]

5 Ways To Get Your Significant Other Involved In Politics

So you think you’ve found the one, huh? He is everything you’ve ever dreamed of except… he hates politics. Contrary to popular belief, you DO NOT have to dump him! There are many ways to get him interested and involved in politics so the two of you can live politically ever [...]

6 Perks Of Being The Mom Of Your Group

As we grow older, we all become more like our parents. That has become increasingly more obvious as I’ve aged and become a mother of my friend group and frankly, of people who aren’t even my friends.  Everyone loves their mother; so don’t let anyone tell you that there is [...]

How To Find A Conservative Guy In 10 Days

If you are anything like me, then every once in awhile you think about your future and what it will look like. For me, a lot of that revolves around the lucky fella I’ll marry one day. Of course I’m nowhere near ready to get married, but there are certain [...]

10 Reasons Why Ronald and Nancy Reagan are #RelationshipGoals

In today’s world, Kanye and Kim define #RelationshipGoals. While their relationship may seem like a dream to some, here at FFL we know there are better couples to look up to. The Reagans are highly admired by most Republicans, and for good reason. Ronald and Nancy Reagan’s marriage is an [...]

18 Political Pickup Lines For Valentine’s Day

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and you know what we say, Bae isn’t Bae if Bae doesn’t pay attention to politics.  Try a few of these on your crush and if they don’t get it, move on to a new crush.  Good luck. 1. I must be Uncle Sam because I [...]

Our Favorite Conservative Power Couples

In today’s world we see too many Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook posts about #RelationshipGoals. Even though our generation ohh's and ahh's over celebrities’ love lives on and off the screen, we know that these goals can be unrealistic. While some of these “goals” may seem appealing, here at FFL we [...]