As January comes to a close and new year resolutions seem to get harder with each day, I urge you to commit to one thing that will enhance your entire life, confidence. As future female leaders, we need to have the confidence to conquer the world. While we all would like to say we are confident every moment of every day, maintaining confidence is a challenge for young women in today’s society. Implementing these seven steps into your daily routine will help you approach the week with a more productive and confident outlook. 

1) Set realistic goals for yourself

It is important to set goals. Write them down in list format and keep them near you at all times. This helps remind you of what you hope to accomplish throughout the week. While setting the bar high is important and we shouldn’t be afraid of impossible goals, make sure your list also contains several simple goals. No goal is too small to conquer. Crossing off the smallest goal can raise your confidence to conquer a larger one on the list.

2) Dress for success

Every girl knows the feeling of putting on their favorite outfit and feeling like they can conquer the world. Why not have that feeling every day? Whether you’re heading to class or a night out with the girls, wear something that makes you happy and expresses who you are. When you are dressed well you will have the confidence to accomplish whatever you wish.

3) Exercise frequently

Exercising will not only keep you fit and confident about your body, it also releases endorphins in your brain that promote positivity and will give you the extra push of confidence necessary to do something out of your comfort zone.

4) Make friends with a stranger

It can be easy to find a group of friends that you feel comfortable with and stay within that bubble. It’s great that you have people you connect with. What about the opportunity to make friends with the girl sitting next to you in math or the boy working out next to you in the gym? Whether you are a social butterfly or terribly afraid of meeting new people, everyone can benefit from meeting someone new. All it takes is a simple hello and a genuine question to start off the conversation.

Making new friends will give you positive people to surround with yourself with, therefore boosting your confidence. The more often you step out of your social bubble and make an effort to interact with the people around you, the easier it’ll become and the more well-rounded you’ll become. 

5) Don’t compare yourself to others

The greatest thief of confidence is comparison. Everyone is unique in their own way. If you are constantly comparing yourself to someone else, it is easy to lose perspective. While it is great to have a role model to admire and aspire to be like, don’t forget that the world wouldn’t be as great as it is if we were all the same. Focusing on yourself rather than other people will empower you, give you confidence in yourself, and it will diminish negative self images that are so detrimental to confidence.

6) Be kind to others

Kindness goes a long way, not only for others but also for yourself. We all want to be treated with respect, but first we must show that respect to others. Small acts of kindness do not go unnoticed. It is often the little things that make a difference in the lives of others. A simple smile or helping someone pick up their books will make their day, and maybe even make you a new friend.

7) Smile

A smile will be one of the first things people notice about you, and when you smile you feel happier and more confident. Positivity is an essential aspect of confidence and believing you can is half the battle. Times where it seems hard to smile, force one and it will genuinely brighten your mood.
Start your week off with confidence. Take advantage of this new start and work towards a better you and a stronger sense of self-empowerment. Set goals, surround yourself with people who will encourage you, and smile through the hard times.

Caroline O