Sorority recruitment is a nerve-racking process to begin with, but add being conservative to the mix and you’re in for what may seem like a whirlwind of stress. We all know that being a conservative makes us a minority among millennials. Don’t let that stop you from going through recruitment and finding the house that is perfect for you. I’ll give you my tips for getting through recruitment as a strong conservative woman and not letting go of your values, but still being able to find the right fit for you.

Stay true to your conservative nature when picking outfits

As conservative women, we know that how we dress depicts how we want the world to view us. If you dress respectfully, the sisters of the chapters you visit will also show you respect. This will also allow you to show your conservative tendencies without having to talk politics.

Shy away from political talk

A good rule of thumb is to never talk money, religion, or politics with people you’re not close to. Politics are so divisive in this day and age. The topic as a whole may be off putting to some young women. Do your best to avoid political dialogue and any other controversial topics.

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Share your values

An important part of finding the right sorority for you is making sure it aligns with your values. Sororities will spend an entire day focused on sharing their philanthropies and why they mean so much to them. This is the perfect time to talk about what matters the most to you. my sorority’s philanthropy was one of the main reasons why I fell in love with my own sorority.

Be yourself

This whole process is for you to find a place that will allow you to be your true self with like-minded women. To find the right chapter, it is important to stay true to who you are and rather than trying to fit a mold. You will find the right sorority that fits. 

Forget the stereotypes

No matter what you do to prepare for recruitment, refrain from googling ratings of the sororities or relying on the opinions of other. This process isn’t about what others think or where the sorority ranks on the tier system. Recruitment is designed with you in mind, not the opinions of outsiders. All sororities have great attributes and are incommensurable. With that being said, go into recruitment with a completely open mind. You never know, the sorority you thought you would like the least may end up being your favorite and the house you run home to.

Enjoy every minute of it

Recruitment is stressful and exhausting, but afterwards you will look back and cherish every second of it. This is your chance to make friendships that will last a lifetime. The girls you meet during recruitment may end up in different houses, but they will remain your friends for the four years of university and many more after graduation.

Have fun, relax, and find the house that supports you and your conservative values.

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Maddison M