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Seventeen years after the events of September 11, 2001, the heroes of Flight 93 are being remembered once more with a new memorial at the memorial site already established in their honor.

“The Tower of Voices” is a 93 foot memorial wind chime designed to commemorate the 40 individuals who died in that field just outside of Shankville, Pennsylvania. Passengers aboard Flight 93 learned of the Twin Towers being hit from individuals on the ground. They fought back against their hijackers, who were planning to hit either the Capitol Building or the White House in Washington, DC. The heroes aboard Flight 93 got the flight to crash in a field in Pennsylvania. It avoided hitting any civilians or buildings. All 40 passengers and the four terrorists aboard died in the crash.

The Tower of Voices will have 40 wind chimes in honor of the 40 heroes aboard. Here’s an Inside Edition Video on the memorial:

Paul Murdoch designed the Flight 93 memorial and told the press his intention behind the memorial.

“The first thing I want them to do is feel,” He said. “Whatever they feel. The tower itself is quite heroic; it’s a monumental piece, it’s meant to be heroic. But the sounds are not booming chimes. They’re meant to be actually quite subtle and intimate, so that people can be there and have a very personal experience, whatever it is for them.”

The choice to use wind chimes is multi-faceted. It represents the area which has many wind chimes and frequent wind. It also represents the voices of those 40 heroes aboard Flight 93, many of whom left heartbreaking voice mails for their loved ones on the ground.

One of the most famous of these voice mails from Brian Sweeney, who called his wife and told her: “I’m on an airplane that’s been hijacked. If things don’t go well, and it’s not looking good, I just want you to know I absolutely love you, I want you to do good, go have good times—same to my parents and everybody—and I just totally love you, and I’ll see you when you get there. Bye, babe. I hope I call you.”

President Trump spoke at the Flight 93 memorial on Tuesday, saying “America’s future is not written by our enemies. America’s future is written by our heroes. As long as this monument stands, as long as this memorial endures, brave patriots will rise up in America’s hours of need and they, too, will fight back.”

Aryssa D
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