I am slowly reaching the point in my life where a lot of my friends are getting married, or planning to at least. It seems like every day I see half a dozen engagement announcements on Facebook. My calendar is already filling up from the Save the Date cards that show up in my mailbox every week. However, in case you couldn’t deduce that, I’m not married. I’ve never been married, or even engaged. The first time I was invited to a wedding of a female friend, I was at a loss for what to buy my friend.  I pride myself on being a good gift giver who gives original gifts that are either fun plays on the classics or simply a little off the beaten path, so I spent a lot of time and effort coming up with a great potential list of gifts for the bridetobe, and I wanted to share it with all our loyal readers. Whether you’re attending a bridal shower or a wedding, where the gift expectations are a little different, these are fun gifts that your bridetobe friend will love and use.

At the end of the day,  you know the bride. What would make her happy and make her married life easier? Does she prefer material things or would she like an experience gift, like a spa package? Is she outdoorsy, or more of an inside girl? Does she drink? Has she lived on her own for awhile, or is her marital home going to be her first home? These are questions to keep in mind while shopping for the bride to ensure that you get her something she’ll both love and use. When in doubt, include a gift receipt.

A good set of luggage for her honeymoon

Nicole Miller 2-Piece Luggage Set ( (Fashion-Black)

Exhaustive Cookbooks

An Customized Wine Box

A nice robe

An Uncommon Drinkware Set

A Versatile New Purse 

wedding belles happily ever after tote, multi, large

A Meal Prep Subscription

Image result for blue apron

An Apron Set for Him and Her

A Picnic Backpack

Aerating Wine Glasses

A Spa-Inspired Gift

Hello Gorgeous

Stovetop Popcorn Popper

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