The 2016 Presidential Election results sent liberal students across America into a frenzy of fear, disappointment, and #NotMyPresident tweeting sprees and protests. This reaction led professors and instructors to cancel classes and excuse absences on campuses nationwide, to allow students to “cope” with the results. Campuses were somber and the tension was apparent between students of opposing ideals.

It has been over two months since President-Elect Donald Trump’s victory was announced and the protesting began. Those in objection of Donald Trump’s presidency still show no sign of ending their protests anytime soon. With the Inauguration just days away, student groups such as “Students for a Democratic Society” are at the forefront of plans to protest Donald Trump on Inauguration Day.

In a nationwide Facebook event titled “Inauguration Day National Student Walk-Out: Stop Trump’s Agenda”, the group reveals their plans for protesting – stating that “on Inauguration Day, Jan 20th, Students for a Democratic Society will hold a national student walkout, in alliance with many other student groups. We will disrupt operations on campuses everywhere.

Their agenda for this walk-out is to “demand free tuition and equal access to education for Black, Chicano, Latino and specifically undocumented students. We demand sanctuary campuses everywhere, the preservation of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), and an end to deportations.” With their demands growing farther out of reach as Donald Trump’s Inauguration is upon us, leftists are scrambling in search of support for their agenda.

This walk-out has begun to gain momentum among left leaning students, with many other organizations coordinating walk-outs of their own. This movement is even apparent on my university’s campus, with hundreds of RSVPs, and comments of praise from interested students. Across the nation students are preparing for Inauguration Day. Most with plans to demonstrate their disapproval of President-Elect Donald Trump.

However, a great number of students are in opposition to their peer’s plans to disrupt campus operations on January 20th. These students have also been taking to social media to express their views and disapproval of their peers and organizations that plan to partake in protesting activities. Many of these students view such actions simply as unproductive and a waste of time. While many agree that the nature of the protest is peaceful, students participating in the walk-out are disrupting the education of all. This walk-out takes away class time from hard working students that are paying their own way through college, as well as the time of both universities and professors.

It is apparent that campuses and students remain divided despite the end of the election. On January 20th we can expect the Inauguration Day protests to go beyond the city limits of Washington D.C. They will extend onto our campuses and into our classrooms. I am hopeful that those that oppose Donald Trump will remain peaceful and mindful of how their participation could affect their classmates and communities.

Donald Trump’s Inauguration will be a historical event, and will hopefully mark the beginning of the United States’, and our college campuses’, journey toward unity.

Mikayla R
Mikayla is a student at Florida State University where she spends her time studying political science and religiously watching Fox News. As a Republican girl in a Democratic world, Mikayla can be described as "fiercely patriotic, and unapologetically sassy." When she's not busy defending the Constitution, you can find her drinking sweet tea, listening to Taylor Swift, and enjoying living in the south.

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