I know the idea of going “gluten free” and “dairy free” is intimidating. I personally never thought I could do it. My mom has been gluten free for five years. Watching her cut out food like bread was hard, especially because I love bread. Due to some health issues, I decided to try the gluten and dairy free lifestyle starting around Thanksgiving.

It has been close to two months since I made the switch. At first it was extremely difficult, considering that I used to eat sandwiches every single day. You don’t realize how many foods contain gluten or dairy until you can’t have them anymore. This has made me to read the nutrition labels, which led me to make healthier choices. With this lifestyle change, I’ve found some delicious alternatives that has made the switch a little bit easier. 

I start the day off with breakfast. On school days, I tend to grab a Luna bar or gluten free granola bars. Pro tip: the peanut butters are amazing. On days I am not rushing to get out the door, I eat Cheerios with lactose-free milk or eggs with bacon. The best milk I have found is the Fairlife brand. It tastes just like regular milk, just without the lactose. When I do want indulge in something sugary, I found some gluten free and dairy free donuts in all sorts of flavors. Going gluten free and dairy free does not necessarily mean giving up sweets or your favorite snacks.

For lunch time, I have been gravitating towards a basic peanut butter and jelly sandwich with gluten free bread. Pro tip: toast the bread to avoid the chewy texture these breads tend to have at room temperature. On the side, I usually eat popcorn without the butter. For dessert, I have found gluten free Oreos. They taste almost exactly like them. In addition, I try to bring some type of fruit along with me. When I need a snack to get me through the day, I will either eat a banana or some peanuts and cashews. If I feel like rewarding myself on a cheat day, I will order a gluten free, no cheese, pizza from Dominos. They are so delicious and taste just as amazing as regular pizza.

Lastly, for dinner I will cook chicken ninety percent of the time with a sweet potatoes and cauliflower. This meal is both filling, delicious, and never gets old. Teriyaki chicken is also a favorite. I buy the gluten-free teriyaki sauce and some gluten free sticky rice to pair with it. It tastes amazing. I like to prepare meals for when I won’t have time to cook. In that case I cook a bunch of chicken breasts and roast some vegetables for a healthy meal.

I never thought I would be able to go gluten free and dairy free. Now that I am two months in, I am feeling better than ever. The first two weeks were difficult. Now it is habit to avoid gluten and dairy. I would encourage anyone to try it before knocking it. Whether it be for health reasons, or just to feel better about your diet, it is not as difficult as it sounds.

Jamie Lynn
FFL Contributor
Living in the heart of Aggieland. Sassy republican, friends fanatic, and makeup obsessed. I'm enjoying my life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness while I drink a sweet tea.

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