I love true crime. It’s a weird passion of mine and maybe it’s because I love justice. I love when the bad guys are put away. I am fascinated by why people commit such crimes and I’m shocked by what some victims and survivors are put through. One aspect I have never really thought about are the people who report on these crimes.

Of course, Life As She Knows It podcast wouldn’t forget these people. They interviewed Anastasiya Bolton, an award-winning journalist who covers Crime and Justice for 9NEWS in Denver, Colorado. She has covered everything from the Aurora theater shooting to Jessica Ridgeway’s murder to a tractor chase that happened through downtown Denver recently — yes, you read that correctly. This podcast is great for potential journalists as they learn what it’s like on the front lines of reporting. Give it a listen if you’re interested in any kind of journalism.

Anastasiya Bolton was a major reporter of the Aurora theater shooting. She talks about what it was like interviewing the families of victims. She details what it is like sitting through a trial where she sees all the evidence and gruesome images. I never really thought about what it would be like to see these images and having to report on it with such a strong face and remain neutral in the entire situation.

Vicarious trauma could be explained as trauma from being exposed to something on a regular basis. This can even be something like graphic details from interviews, images seen in a courtroom, arriving on scene to report live, and seeing something you wish you hadn’t seen. If you want to learn more about it, click here to see some links associated with the episode.

Something interesting Bolton also hits on is the danger involved in being a reporter. There was a particular quote that stuck with me from this interview. “People are not interested in facts. If people don’t like a story, even if it’s completely accurate, they attack us and call us names.” This is often true. You can see it all over social media. Let’s keep in mind, Anastasiya covers crime and justice. She has no reason to create a political spin. In fact, it’s also “local” news even though she covers a wide area — including going to the Sochi Olympics.

Another danger is what happened in Annapolis, Maryland where a man went into the Capital Gazette office. He opened fire, killing 5 people. This is a fear that is not new, but is becoming more prevalent. While that tragedy happened at a news paper, we can not forget the murders of Alison Parker and Adam Ward live on air as they were reporting in Roanoke, Virginia. Bolton touches on these types of tragedies in an editoral about reporting mass shootings. 

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