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As 2016 comes to an end, I can only wonder what I will be watching on the news in the year to come. The media have played a very important role this election season.

This election season has taught me a lot about politics, our country, the Left, and myself. Four years ago I would have never imagined myself voting third party, especially for the first time I could cast a presidential vote. I would have never thought I would consider not wanting to claim the Republican nominee or feel this awful about the state of our nation. After all is said and done, though, I’ve gained a lot of knowledge about politics throughout this crazy year.

1) Don’t get too attached to a presidential candidate – or any political candidate, for that matter

2) You cannot always predict elections, no matter what the polls say

3) In elections, good messaging is more valuable than money

4) The flyover states still exist

5) An effective ground game always comes out on top

6) #AllLivesMatter

7) Expect the unexpected

8) The media is insanely biased – even more than I previously thought

9) Social media is the best, yet worst, tool ever invented

10) Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are sick and tired of Obama’s “change”

11) #BlueLivesMatter

12) Socialism sucks

13) Democrats are out of touch and out of date – and still cannot seem to figure out why

14) College campuses are like cesspools of liberal ideologies

15) No one cares about the Clinton’s anymore – finally

The most important thing I’ve learned about politics in 2016 is that you should never conform to ideas just because others are doing it. Trust yourself, your gut, and your conscience. Also learn, though, to have an open mind and give President-elect Donald J. Trump a chance.

Sydney H
FFL Contributor
Sydney is a Poli Sci obsessed southern girl, who wishes RomneyRyan2012 had actually happened. She's a lover of the outdoors and all things red, white, and blue. If she isn't at work or school, you can most likely find her at home taking a nap (for 3 hours).

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